4 Ways to Ease Money Anxiety for a Stress-Free Summer

Baby steps go a long way.

By Erica Holland
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With a beachy summer escape on our minds, there’s nothing better than using precious vacay time to de-stress this season. Because who wants to worry about work, school or finances while sipping an iced cocktail in the sand? Now here’s the bad news: a Northwestern Mutual study found that financial anxiety is a leading cause of stress in our lives—even more so than personal relationships or work.

So indulge me in a little money therapy, and keep scrolling for four ways to deal with financial anxiety for a stress-free summer.

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1. Identify your pain points.

Time to get a little introspective here and reach the root of your money stress.

First, ask yourself this question: What anxieties and uncertainties keep you up at night? Is it your student loan burden? Living paycheck to paycheck? Not having enough saved up for retirement?

Whatever your financial pain points, it helps to reflect on them and get them down on paper. Write down all of your concerns, as major or as trivial as they may seem.

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2. Get in the right mindset.

The next step is all about shifting your perspective. Remember those internal battles you fought with yourself in college? You had to study for that calculus exam, but the task was so intimidating, you couldn’t bring yourself to start. Improving your finances poses a similar dilemma, but baby steps truly go a long way.

If you feel overwhelmed after writing down your stresses in step number 1, that’s totally normal, and you’re not alone. In fact, over 40% of Americans are worried about retirement planning and outliving their savings. Channel that energy into resolve, and motivate yourself to push forward. Because there are small things you can do today to prepare yourself for a successful financial future.

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3. Read up on best practices.

It’s no secret that most of us never learned important personal finance skills in school. That’s why I created ModMoney in the first place—to share approachable money tips that anyone can incorporate into their lives. To cultivate this message on an even broader platform, the ModMoney x Camille Styles collaboration is all about inspiring financial wellness as part of a healthy lifestyle. These posts and resources are meant to guide and educate you in a non-intimidating way, so take advantage!

If you’re burdened by student loan debt, use this post to create a paydown plan. If you’re stressed at the prospect of owning a home, this guide to getting a mortgage is the perfect place to start. If your credit score is preventing you from opening a new credit card, this article dishes everything you need to know. So look around, read up and stay a while!

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4. Celebrate your progress.

For every milestone you reach in your money journey, celebrate! Even small wins deserve to be recognized. Did you open up your first savings account? Bump up your 401(k) contribution? Start creating a personal budget? Celebrate the small stuff! Treat yourself to a girls’ night with your besties. Uncork a nice bottle with your significant other. Taking pride in your progress will also serve as a natural de-stressor. Plus, you deserve it.