Camille Styles

A 7-Day Skin Detox Challenge For Your Best Complexion Ever

October 9th, 2017

October always seems to be the busiest month, and this year is no exception. In the past 10 days alone, I’ve found myself in Los Angeles, Austin, back to Los Angeles, and New York City, and next week I’m headed to Cabo for a much needed vacation. Juggling so many schedules for my family, my team and myself, I’m in need of a low-maintenance skincare routine that keeps me glowing, and Botanics checks both boxes. Their 7 skincare ranges are powered by plant extracts, one of my favorites being the Organics line, which features nourishing rosehip extract to keep skin healthy and revitalized, which is exactly what I need after extra long work days and red-eye flights.  Inspired by Botanics’ Organic range , we put together a seven day skin detox challenge with simple tips for keeping your skin fresh and healthy. After you complete the challenge, feel free to make it your own! Maybe that means revisiting the challenge once a month, or implementing one of the tips every single day. These small changes make it easy to prioritize healthy skin, no matter how busy your schedule.

photography by Kate Zimmerman

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