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5 Ways You Didn’t Know Dehydration is Affecting Your Body

July 16th, 2018

We’ve all heard the old adage about eight glasses a day. But what if there were other, smarter ways to hydrate your body, besides just drinking crazy amounts of water? According to Dana Cohen, MD, author of the new book Quench, there most definitely are. She’s a traditionally trained physician who has practiced integrative/functional medicine for over 20 years, and her new book is all about harnessing the power of hydration for ultimate wellness. Dr. Cohen says that many American women are suffering from the effects of chronic, low grade dehydration. Those effects include more a lot more than just dry skin and urinary tract issues — they can influence every area of your life, from cognitive thinking to movement. Read on to discover 5 unexpected ways dehydration is affecting your body, and for Dr. Cohen’s groundbreaking discoveries on the best ways to stay hydrated. 

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  1. I try and drink as much water as I can every day. When I got to 2ltrs per day, I saw such a great improvement in my skin and overall health.

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