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7 Amazing Additions to Your Bathtime Ritual

November 14th, 2016

Ah, bath time. Every time I have the luxury of doing the whole soak-and-scrub thing in a tub of bubbles, I have the same reaction: WHY don’t I do this more often?! The concept of self-care is one that’s thrown around a lot these days, and if you’re anything like me, it can be easy to feel like taking care of yourself is just another thing to add to your already-packed schedule. I have to remind myself that it doesn’t take a full-weekend yoga retreat to make a huge difference in my mental and physical well-being. A simple 20-minute soak can be almost as relaxing as a full-body massage—and the great night of sleep that’s sure to follow is just icing on that self-care cake.

So, to encourage you (and myself!) to take advantage of the full-body restorative powers of the humble bubble bath, I rounded up some luxurious and effective bath products that will totally enhance your experience. Click through to check out my picks, and promise me that you’ll take some time for yourself before the madness of the holidays are upon us! (Speaking of: fabulous bath products make some of the best gifts, no?)

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  1. Love these product ideas! I have a deep soaker whirlpool tub that I don’t use nearly enough. But when I get in it, I find I can’t get myself back out, soooo relaxing.

    Blush & Pearls by Angela

  2. Eme says:

    I love having a good long soak in the tub when I get the time, which to be honest I should make more time to do especially with the festive season coming up. I can’t wait to try some of your recommended additions. x

  3. These products sound so luxurious, perfect for a relaxing bath at home! I am trying to get into dry brushing my body and loving that Posies & co body polish as well x

  4. I love having a good long soak in the bath and no amount of people saying we’re essentially lying in our own dirt is going to stop me!

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