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7 Shave Products That Will Transform Your Shower Ritual

March 5th, 2018

Many beauty rituals can be fun and even a little glamorous to indulge in. Unfortunately, shaving usually falls into the “daily drudgery” category, rather than the “let’s-get-pampered” zone. The “pink tax” and flimsy, irritating (and expensive!) shaving supplies certainly add insult to injury for women looking to get smooth. What’s a slightly stubbly lady to do (well, other than mostly boycotting shaving all winter, which… guilty?)

Thankfully, the market has finally been responding to demand for sturdier, more effective, and more luxurious shaving supplies for women. From a start-up that’s bringing Harry’s-style high-quality razors to women for less money to a pampering cream specifically for your nether regions, the following products will allow you to exfoliate, trim, shave and treat your way to smooth, bump-free skin. Read on for the shave products that will make over your shower!

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