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Sheet Masks to Save Your Skin

November 2nd, 2017

I have to admit: when sheet masks first exploded onto the beauty scene, I was a little skeptical. They seemed kitschy at best—and why is something like a single-serving face mask even necessary? Well, I quickly changed my tune around the time that I had a baby and suddenly anything that would streamline my beauty routine sounded like a godsend. I love that I can toss one of these in my bag or stick one in the fridge for extra skin-reviving powers. I love that I can apply one and then throw it out without dealing with green goop all over my bathroom sink. And I love that there are so many versions at every price point that you can amass your own “complexion troubleshooting bar” and simply select a mask to fit your skin depending on how it’s feeling that day—stressed, dehydrated, dull, etc.

If you’re new to sheet masks (like I was until recently), I’ve rounded up a few great ones to fit all kinds of complexion-related issues, so make like me and stash a few so that your next DIY spa moment is just a few seconds away.

featured image of the soothe & calm hydrogel mask from erno laszlo

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  1. Love a good sheet mask!

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