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Your Ultimate Dry Brush Kit

August 21st, 2017

Anyone else feel a little bit overwhelmed by the amount of “holistic” beauty tasks we’re supposed to partake in these days? Gone are the days when a haircut and mani-pedi made you feel somewhat pulled together; now you’re expected to start every day with oil pulling and apple cider vinegar shots. Personally, I have a hard time signing up for some of these trendy fixes, even though they don’t hurt and may even make a difference in my health. But, one at-home treatment that’s worth it? Dry brushing.

Dry brushing is simply the action of brushing the skin with a bristled brush when it’s dry, rather than when it’s wet in the shower or bath. Fans claim that dry brushing can stimulate circulation and lymphatic drainage, even helping with the appearance of cellulite—but this is one pampering activity that’s worth it simply for the exfoliation factor. Simply brush in broad strokes toward your heart for best results, and start with gentle pressure if your skin is especially sensitive. It’s a relaxing and invigorating pastime for a Sunday evening before a bath or a shower—what better way to counteract the Monday blues?

photo by lucy williams

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