11 Supermodel Secrets for Looking Great in Photos

By Jenn Rose Smith

There’s more to being a supermodel than just winning the genetic lotto — our favorite faces in fashion know the secrets of posing for the camera so that they always look amazing, even in non-professional pics. Turns out we mere mortals can utilize some of these very same techniques to look better in our own photos. (Say good riddance to double chins and fat arm!) Read on for these 11 supermodel secrets for upping your selfie game.

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Know your “good side”. 

It may sound ridiculous, but most of us really do have one side of the face that’s more photogenic than the other. In any case, we all have angles that are most flattering for our particular face. Practice in the mirror at home to discover yours: tilt your chin down to make eyes look bigger, up to make your nose look smaller, or keep your jaw square to the camera to hide a weak chin.

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Find your light.

Legend has it that Sophia Loren travels with her own personal lighting crew. She knows that nothing ruins a pretty face like bad lighting, especially as one gets older. Dark lighting is bad, but harsh overhead lighting is the absolute worst — try and find a place with soft, diffused light hitting your face from the side or an angle to pose for your next photo. (Covered front porches are usually great!)

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Don’t be afraid of the flash.

Somewhere along the way, flash photography got a really bad rap for being unflattering. But using a flash is often the perfect solution for those harsh overhead lighting situations previously mentioned. It will help hide unflattering shadows under the eyes and (bonus!) make your hair look extra glossy and fabulous.

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Chin out.

No matter what angle you decide is your “good side”, always consciously pull your chin forward when posing for the camera. This may feel a bit unnatural, but it’s a tried and true method for avoiding the dreaded double-chin.

Another double-chin preventer? Try pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth when smiling in photos.

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Put the hand closest to the camera on your hip.

If you only remember one of these tips, remember this one. There’s a reason almost every celebrity on the red carpet is using this pose — it’s the best way to avoid a little thing we like to call “fat arm”.

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Check your brows.

In my years casting beauty tutorials and photo shoots for Camille Styles, I’ve found that groomed, arched brows are the most common trait that we find in people who we consider “photogenic”. Check your brows quickly in a mirror before taking your next photo, or simply brush them upwards with your fingers. And check out great tutorial on bold brows!

Make sure the camera is below your eye level.

Did you know that the best way to shoot a photo is from the waist? Tell your friend to bend down to take the photo, and to stand at least 5 or 6 feet away from you for a full body shot. This will help her capture a more flattering, and less distorted image.

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Eyes wide open.

Models have to learn how to smile for the camera, and it’s usually a little bit different than a real-life smile. Making a conscious effort to keep your eyes open (and not squinting) while smiling will keep your face looking more balanced in photos.

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Stand up straight.

Model Sui He couldn’t have looked more at home on the Ralph Lauren runway with her elegant posture. Try it for yourself: you’ll instantly look taller, thinner, and younger just by rolling your shoulders back and standing up straight. Check out these 9 yoga moves for improving posture!

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Think pretty thoughts.

Confidence has an amazing effect when it comes to attraction — happiness and confidence are just as magnetic on camera as they are in real life. Next time you’re posing for a photo, allow yourself to enjoy the moment and release your inner supermodel. Remember: you are FABULOUS.

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Loosen up.

While we’re on the topic of confidence, nothing’s more confident than a girl who isn’t afraid to look less than perfect on camera. Take these tips for what you will, but remember to have fun and don’t be afraid to try something new in front of the camera! Some of the prettiest moments are just candid and fun. Enjoy the moment and happy posing.

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