Easy Braid Tutorials to Upgrade Your Summer Style

Break out those bobby pins.

By Hannah Zahner

Maybe it’s because they’re the favorite style of festival-goers, or simply the fact that they so neatly, yet effortlessly, keep our hair out of our faces in the heat, but there’s just something undeniably summery about braids. On top of that, they’re great for covering up a bad hair day, third day hair, grown out color… you get the picture.

And if braids take you back to being forced to sit still while your mom pulled your wispy third grade hair into a mega-tight french braid, they’ve come a long way.

They can be dramatic, edgy, romantic, casual, simple, complicated, effortless and totally grown up looking.

Whether you’re looking for new hair trends for vacation, wedding look inspo, or just jonesing to scroll through something pretty, we’ve rounded up the best YouTube braid tutorials out there. And don’t worry – we’re starting with the basics! Happy braiding!

featured image by barefootblonde

The Classics

Basic Braid

Fishtail Braid

French Braid

Dutch Braid

Take it Up a Notch

Braided Pony

Half up Half Down Crown Braids

Boxer Braids / Dutch Pigtails

Easy Clipped Back Braids


Get Fancy

Twisted Fishtail Pony

Backwards Milkmade Braids

Crown Braid / Regular Braid + Fishtail Braid Option

Box Braids