If you’re anything like me, you’ll start figuring out your Halloween costume on the morning of October 31st.

I’m always game to dress up, but unfortunately the clever costume ideas don’t hit me until it’s too late, and I’m forced to throw on a black turtleneck and say I’m Steve Jobs. Regardless, I’ve somehow managed to dress up for Halloween every year, and all it took was Amazon getting a little crafty. Whether it’s a onesie, mask, dress, wig, or hat, I’ve found that focusing on one great piece is the key to a successful Halloween costume. Bonus points for feeling festive without breaking the bank. Even though the holiday will obviously look different for most of us this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t have some major fun and make it one of the most memorable Halloweens yet. And since it’s one of those rare years where Halloween falls on a weekend, let’s not miss this opportunity to kick back and enjoy it in a great costume.

Scroll on for 15 ideas for your easy ensemble this Halloween.

image via the DIY Playbook

Dancing Emojis

image via who what wear

Iris Apfel

image via evite


image via martafandres.photo

Frida Kahlo

Bachelor Contestants

image via sincerelyjules

Black Cat

image via Studio DIY


image via kate.stpn

The Black Swan

image via Francesca’s

Rosie the Riveter

Whispering Angels

image via cute girls hairstyles


image via pinterest

Penny Lane from Almost Famous

image via classy clean chic

Kim Possible

image via xoserenarae

Minnie Mouse

image via missalannis

Where’s Waldo

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