We get it – from working hard, raising a family, rocking your side hussle, and everything in between, some of us simply don’t have the time to construct a jaw-dropping Halloween costume, especially since it’s landing in the middle of the week this year. Never fear (maybe just a little 😉 )! We’ve got your back with these one-item costumes that will take dressing up to the best level. Scroll down to see just how easy this year’s costume can be…

image via lauren conrad

DIY Animal Ears, from Lauren Conrad
What to wear it withgown or dress and optional whisker makeup.
Go the extra mile: Find a fur coat or vest to feel oh-so-cuddly.

image via she knows

DIY Bat Wings, from She Knows
What to wear it with: An all black outfit.
Go the extra mile: Add bat ears and a black eye mask if you’re going for major Batman vibes.

image via uniqso

Genos Cyborg Costume, from Uniqso
What you’ll need: sclera, or colored, contacts
Other possible costumes:
zombie, cat, or vampire.

image via charmtighe

Holly from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, via Charmtighe
All you need: A sleeping eye mask
What to wear it with
: An oversized white dress shirt and heels.
Go the extra mile: Add tassle earrings to complete the look.


image via hoho hats

A Witch Hat, from HoHo Hats
What to wear it with: An all black outfit and heels or booties.
Go the extra mile: Get yourself some black sclera contacts, and don’t forget your broom!


image via jenna dewan tatum/instagram

Jenna Dewan Tatum’s Unicorn Costume
What to wear it with: An all white outfit, colorful and glittery makeup.
Go the extra mile: Temporarily dye your hair silver (above) or a pastel pink or purple. Wear furry boots and attach hair extensions, or strands of ribbon, to your lower back as a tail.

image via dead south

Vampire Fangs, from Dead South
What to wear it with: An all black outfit and blood red lipstick.
Go the extra mile: Wear some colored contacts and add the classic blood drip from the corner of your mouth!

image via leighannsays/instagram

Margot Tenenbaum, via Leighann Says
What you need: A fur coat
What to wear it with: A striped polo shirt dress, a hairclip, and a lot of eyeliner.
Go the extra mile: If you’re brunette, wear a blonde wig. Carry the iconic cigarette everywhere you go.

A Rose, Bachelor Contestant
What to wear it with: A nice cocktail dress, loads of hairspray and heels.

image via higginscreek/etsy

A Masquerade Mask, from Etsy
What to wear it with: Your favorite cocktail dress, or gown, with heels, pulled back hair and a bold lipstick.


Face Paint:

image via face art by melissa

A Sugar Skull, from Face Art by Melissa

image by andrew arthur via chiara ferragni/instagram

David Bowie, via Chiara Ferragni

image via cosmopolitan

Wonder Woman, via Cosmopolitan

image via paper and stitch

Wednesday Addams, via Paper and Stitch
What you’ll need: A black and white collared dress.
What to wear it with: Black tights and shoes, braided hair, optional black lipstick.
Go the extra mile: Carry around a skull head or your favorite poison. 


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    Laura Cooper | October 23, 2018 at 9:18 pm

    Brilliant ideas! I like the Wonder woman, unicorn, animal ears, and bat wing. Who says you can’t be pretty on Halloween. 🙂

    Laura | https://toppicksforher.com/

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