The 7 Best Fragrances To Spritz This Spring

By Tara Thompson Rasmus

featured photo via urban outfitters

It seems like nowadays (on Instagram, at least) all of the girls are gaga for fall. They’re all longing for sweater weather and hot coffees and “coziness.” Not me, friend. Because you know what comes after fall? That long, interminable season known as winter. Fall is just the precursor to the end game. And I am so not here for that. No, what I live for is the on-the-edge-of-your-seat anticipation that comes with awaiting SPRING, and all of the lovely weather that follows. Those first warm breezes, those first days when you can smell grass and flowers and ALIVE THINGS in the air, feeling the sun on your face for the first time in months. There’s absolutely nothing like it. And so, because I am Spring’s #1 Fan Girl and a beauty editor, I am always in search of the perfect spring fragrance. This year, the offerings do NOT disappoint. From crisp aquatic scents to juicy citrus-infused potions, these scents smell as beautiful (if not more so) than their gorgeous bottles. Check out my list of the most flat-out fabulous scents of spring 2018, and let me know: what warm-weather scent will you be spritzing this year?


Guerlain ‘Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune’

A cheerful blend of sunny citrus, grounded by neroli, patchouli and vanilla is a classically feminine fragrance that’s fresh and delicate.

Chloé Nomade

Ugh, I can’t even with that bottle—have you ever seen anything so chic? The scent is as unexpectedly elegant as the bottle, with top notes of freesia and mirabelle plum, with a base of oak moss.

AERIN Hibiscus Palm

After a long winter, this potion is like vacation in a bottle: lotus flower and white blossoms mixed with a delicious blend of ginger, coconut milk, and vanilla.

Commodity Nectar

Conjuring tumbling neroli blossoms and citrus rinds ripening in the warm sun, this scent is absolutely transporting; I dream of wearing it with a white cotton sundress in the hills of Positano. Sigh.

Maison Margiela Sailing Day

A unisex fragrance, this oceanic blend of juniper, rose, coriander and seaweed is completely reminiscent of a sea breeze, but in a sophisticated—and not too literal—way.

Pure Grace Endless Summer

Ok, I know this is called “Endless Summer,” but this new scent is too pretty not to start wearing right now. With juicy lychee and pomelo grounded with musk, this scent is sultry yet light—the perfect scent to take you from the first warm days to the hottest nights of summer.

Bloom Acqua di Fiori

A watery, green flora, this scent features green galbanum with cassis buds that brings a unique spin to classic Jasmine and tuberose. And come on, look at that bottle! It basically screams spring, no? I simply can’t resist.