A Guide to Color Correctors

By Tara Thompson Rasmus

Until recently, color-correcting makeup seemed to be one of those things that was relegated to the category of “makeup artist voodoo,” (also known as something too complicated for us mere mortals to use on a daily basis.) Plus, some color-correcting products of the past had thick, chalky textures that could almost make the uneven situation worse. Sure, that green cream would cover up your redness, but it would also leave you looking slightly… gray. Not a very good look.

Thankfully this year color correctors have made a big comeback, this time with much more forgiving formulas that are sheer, hydrating, and even illuminating—meaning that you’re left with an even, glowing skin tone and zero chalkiness. If you’ve also been intrigued about this new makeup trend, click ahead to see my top picks, plus tips on exactly how to use them!

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Algenist Reveal Color Correcting Drops

Totally foolproof: these color correcting drops by Algenist are designed to be mixed right into your makeup to give it a bit of an extra boost. Simply put a couple of drops of foundation into the palm of your hand, add anywhere from one to three drops of the color corrector, and mix with a brush or sponge before applying to your face. Choose from pink, which corrects dullness; green, which corrects redness; blue, which corrects sallowness; and apricot, that corrects darkness and discoloration.

Marc Jacobs Convert Stick Color Corrector

These gorgeous little sticks (don’t they just look like dessert?) pack a double whammy: they’re both color-correcting and illuminating. Simply apply a thin layer, blend with a  brush, and then follow with foundation. Choose from Bright Now, which eliminates dullness; Co(vert) Affairs, which neutralizes redness; and Getting Wamer, which conceals dark circles and brightens darker skin tones.

Miracle CC Cushion Color Correcting Primer from Lancome

If you haven’t tried cushion makeup yet, you’re in for a treat: these cute little compacts make applying makeup downright fun. Simply tap the little cushion with the sponge to dispense the right amount of color, and apply to clean skin before your foundation. Choose from yellow for dullness, peach for darkness, lavender for sallowness, and green for redness.

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear 3-in-1 Corrector + Primer

I love that this ingenious little primer does more than just cover redness; it protects skin with SPF 15, which is perfect for sensitive, sunburn-prone ladies. This pale-green, lightweight lotion can be worn by itself, or under makeup.

Essence Say No to Dark Circles Concealer

It seems unlikely, but if you have dark circles, the best-ever way to cover them is to reach for a pink-toned corrector, which neutralizes blue tones. Simply use by itself or under concealer for major brightening power.

Correct & Perfect All-In-One Color Correcting Palette from Stila

If you’re not sure which color corrector you should choose (or if you’d simply like to be armed for any possible color-correcting situation, take a look at this downright beautiful, Mondrian-esque palette from Stila. It houses seven creamy tints that can be used for everything from brightening to covering dark circles—and, it’s a great value at $45 for the set!