Best At-Home Hair Treatments

By Tara Thompson Rasmus

While I can’t say that I’m one for high-maintenance hair on a daily basis (let’s be real, a few extra minutes of sleep will always win that battle), I have learned how important it is to have a few key treatment products in your arsenal to use occasionally to give your hair and scalp a boost. Whether it’s a shine-imparting clarifying shampoo, an exfoliating facial for your scalp, or a glossing treatment for your highlights, the right treatment can keep your hair and scalp in tip-top shape so that you look great whether or not you decide to do the 45-minute wrestle with a blowdryer. Ahead are my top picks for happy hair — let me know if you have any favorites that me and my locks should try next!

featured image by alexandra gavillet for refinery29


Perfect Hair Day Nightcap

A hair treatment that works while I sleep? Well, you already know from the intro how I feel about my zzz’s (read: fanatical), so the idea of beauty multitasking while I dream is, well, a dream. The best part about this majorly gloss-imparting treatment is that it’s designed specifically to be absorbed by your hair completely, meaning that you don’t have to wrap your head in plastic (or fear ruining your pillowcase).

Caviar Clinical Exfoliating Facial

My finicky scalp is one of my biggest beauty battles — seriously, can anyone raise a hand over how much dandruff stinks? Most dandruff shampoos don’t make much of a difference for me (and, let’s face it, they’re definitely not fun to use), so I was thrilled when I met this scalp facial that’s designed to actually physically dislodge dead skin build-up for a happier scalp and more lustrous hair.

Fig+Yarrow Hair+Scalp Tonic

To ensure that my scalp doesn’t get irritated or dried out after exfoliation, I love following a good scrub with this nourishing, all-natural hair and scalp tonic. Bonus: your man can use it to condition his beard, too! An all-around win, I say.

Phytoplage After Sun Recovery Mask

Sun, salt, and sweat — the holy trinity of summer beach days — can, sadly, be seriously drying for your locks. Pack this creamy treatment in your beach bag to help your hair get its mojo back; simply slick into your hair and pull your locks back into a bun to get a chic deep-conditioning treatment as you enjoy the evening sunset over a mai tai.

Shu Uemera Art of Hair Colour Lustre

One of my favorite hair treatments of all time, this at-home glossing treatment not only helps counteract the brassy effects of my hard water, but it also makes my hair impossibly smooth and shiny. It really is a new head of hair in a tube; try it and you’ll understand!

John Frieda Frizz Ease Miraculous Recovery Deep Conditioner

For chronically dry, damaged hair, sometimes only the most serious deep conditioner will do — and, if you’re looking to pull out the big guns, one can always count on the original Fighter of Frizz, Mr. John Frieda himself. This treatment is so incredibly nourishing that its effects last through multiple shampoos.

Klorane Clarify & Shine Rinse with Chamomile

Finally, whether you deep condition or not, give your locks a break once a week with a gloss-imparting clarifying shampoo. Starting fresh is key, not only to keep your hair bouncy and shiny, but also to ensure that any conditioners and styling products can actually penetrate and do their job.