7 Shave Products That Will Transform Your Shower Ritual

By Tara Thompson Rasmus
Le Labo shave cream, the best razors, and more.

Many beauty rituals can be fun and even a little glamorous to indulge in. Unfortunately, shaving usually falls into the “daily drudgery” category, rather than the “let’s-get-pampered” zone. The “pink tax” and flimsy, irritating (and expensive!) shaving supplies certainly add insult to injury for women looking to get smooth. What’s a slightly stubbly lady to do (well, other than mostly boycotting shaving all winter, which… guilty?)

Thankfully, the market has finally been responding to demand for sturdier, more effective, and more luxurious shaving supplies for women. From a start-up that’s bringing Harry’s-style high-quality razors to women for less money to a pampering cream specifically for your nether regions, the following products will allow you to exfoliate, trim, shave and treat your way to smooth, bump-free skin. Read on for the shave products that will make over your shower!

featured image by lucy williams

Bamboo Exfoliating Scrub by Pacific Shaving

Before you shave, a good scrub is always a good idea—but, you don’t want to irritate your skin before you even get to the hair removal stage. This organic-lavender-oil-scented scrub gently exfoliates with ground bamboo stems, allowing your razor or trimmer to work more effectively.


Harry’s and Dollar Shave Club are all well and good, but they left me wondering…where’s the amazing new company doing better, cheaper razors specifically for women? Thankfully, Billie launched last year as the first female-focused shave company, with super-sturdy razors and body care products, all priced to combat the “pink tax.”

Venus Women’s Precision Bikini Trimmer

Step away from your man’s clippers…just trust me. Your lady parts deserve better, like this precision trimmer with two attachments that will trim, groom and shave to your exacting preferences, minus the irritation.

Gillette Venus Platinum Extra Smooth Razor

Why on earth have metal-handled razors been marketed onto to men, while women have only been marketing plastic (in rainbow-sherbet shades, no less. Cue eye roll)? Finally, Venus has come out with a substantial metal-handled razor that will treat your gams right.

Whish Rice Milk Shave Cream with Vitamin K

If you (like me) often resort to using hair conditioner to shave your legs because you can’t be bothered to buy the real stuff, this ingenious and luxurious shave cream begs you to reconsider. Infused with vitamin K and arnica montana flower actually fights the appearance of darkened veins while it helps your razor glide smoothly.

Le Labo Shaving Cream

For the ultimate in elevated shave experiences, this incredible shave cream from cult fragrance brand Le Labo can’t be beat. Featuring chamomile and coconut to soothe and moisturize, it’s elegantly scented with lavender and bergamot to delight your senses while you shave. Time to kick that tropical-breeze-whatever-scented cream to the curb.

Stubble Cream by Fur

Your special parts deserve the special treatment, especially after a grooming session. This pampering after-shave cream from Fur (yes, they make THAT pubic hair treatment oil) prevents ingrowns, stubble, and bumps from forming with soothing shea butter and anti-microbial tea tree oil.