Bright Makeup to Beat the Winter Blues

By Tara Thompson Rasmus

Something inexplicable happens to me when the temperatures drop every year: I pack away my colorful, cheery spring and summer clothes and get dressed day after day in almost completely neutral clothing. I don’t know how this phenomenon started, but for some reason, I’m drawn to black, white, and grey almost exclusively from about November to March (and then, of course, I’m thrilled to pack away all of these dreary clothes as soon as the weather hits 50 degrees in the spring, and wear all color, all the time).

My best friend, Mara, has a totally different approach. The woman does not shy away from color at any point during the year—in fact, she actively searches it out this time of year, convinced that cheery hues help her better survive the dreary winter months. I can never help but smile when I meet up with her and see her red coat, pink plaid scarf, and bright lipstick. This woman does not sartorially hibernate when the mercury drops, and it’s totally inspiring—except that I still find myself mysteriously shrugging on the same grey and black sweaters on the daily. Old habits die hard, I suppose. This year, I’m taking a cue from Mara’s playbook and working color into my beauty routine to help complement my subdued (read: somewhat boring) winter wardrobe. Some of these shades may appear scary in the packaging, but I assure that once applied, they’ll add that subtle hint of pizzazz that will carry you straight through till spring!

featured image via pearls on a string


Modern Watercolors Eyes Palette

If you need a major dose of colorful cheer in your life, look no further than this amazing palette by Pantone: wear a different eyeshadow every day, and never be bored by your beauty routine again!

Guerlain Gel Eye Pencil

If you’d like a more subtle introduction to the world of colorful makeup, give purple eyeliner a try. I’ve been loving how a plum shade brings out the green in my eyes, but this color actually perfectly flatters every eye color.

Butter London Plush Rush Lip Gloss

In a bad mood? Swipe on this shimmering coral lip gloss, look in the mirror, feel at least 75% better.

Jade to Order Genius Polish from Bliss

Even shy ladies (or women that work in more conservative workplaces) can usually pull off a more colorful nail polish. This lovely jade from Bliss’s new nail polish line is an especially calming, springlike color.

The Beauty Crop Beauty and the Beet Cheek and Lip Stain

Around this time of year when my skin hasn’t felt the sun’s rays for more than two minutes at a time for months, I realize that I have to bring in the big guns and swap my subtle blush for a bright, pop-y shade. This matte stain is infused with beetroot extract for a natural bright-pink rosiness that will last all day.

NYX Studio Liquid Liner in Blue

For a more bold look for a big night out, I love a sharp cat eye in a bright cobalt blue—it’s definitely a big statement, but like blue jeans, can go with any outfit. (Check out this pic if you need proof of how gorgeous this look can be!)

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor, HD Obsession

Sometimes, it’s a high of 32 degrees, the world is sad and grey, and a girl just needs a bright azalea-pink lippy to make her day. Slick this matte liquid lip on, and I swear you’ll be smelling spring blossoms in no time.