There’s no question that many of us have a deeply personal relationship with our hair. Have you ever noticed that a bad hair day can equal a bad day? And when our hair feels healthy and like a reflection of who we truly are, it can help us feel at ease in our own skin and give us that boost of confidence we need to get out there and pursue our dreams. We’re excited to share this video (above) from our friends at Herbal Essences, that features real stories on the symbolic role of hair as we go through life’s changes.

As for my own hair journey, I’m one of those people whose hair always appears to be relatively the same… but even for me, subtle changes in my hair do reflect changes in my life. My decision to cut bangs a couple months ago came about after defining a few new personal and career goals for myself; as I embarked on those new adventures, I craved a fresh hair style that made me feel a little more creative, sophisticated, and grown-up.

Similarly, there have been many days lately when I’ve skipped the flat iron and instead just scrunched a little styling cream into my damp hair and let it dry naturally. These are days when I’m feeling confident in my natural beauty and want to let it shine – kinda like a #NoMakeupSelfie for my hair.

My favorite thing about this campaign is that it’s about encouraging all women to embrace change in their life – big or small – as a way to live more fully. I’m fully convinced that change is often what sets you on the path toward growth, changing your perspective and allowing you to see experiences in a new way.

How has your own hair journey reflected how you #EmbraceChange in your own life? I’d love to hear in the comments, and let us know what you thought of the video, too!

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*photos by kate lesueur

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