7 Ways to Cure Winter Chapped Lips For Good

By Tara Thompson Rasmus

It’s right about that time of the winter when I start to feel… a bit run down (to put it mildly). Between the lack of sun, lack of humidity, and lack of a meal that doesn’t involve carbs and red wine–hey, a girl’s gotta make it through somehow–by the end of February, my skin has seen better days.

The first thing that seems to go when I’ve been taking less-than-stellar care of myself? My lips. I can always tell when I’m overtired and dehydrated when my lips start to flake, itch and crack, and once I’m down that chapped road, it can be hard to get my pucker smooth again. It takes more than just a swipe of lip balm whenever I remember–this situation calls for a multi-step process, and I’m going to show you exactly how I get ‘er done! Click ahead to check out my favorite scrubs and balms, and join me on #operationlipsaver before spring is upon us!

featured image via daily makeover


Vanilla and Argan Lip Scrub from Lather

First things first: you can’t treat lips without removing dead skin first. But, if you choose a too-harsh scrubbing method, you’ll only add to lips’ irritation further. So, for just the right amount of sloughing, choose a physical exfoliating ingredient, like this sugar scrub, rather than a chemical exfoliant, like alpha hydroxy acid. Simply rub this argan- and coconut-oil scrub on with a finger to firmly yet gently remove any flakes, and wipe away excess sugar to allow the humectant ingredients to sink in.

Balmy Nights Exfoliator from Ilia

To touch up any remaining flakes while on the go, choose a stick lip scrub like this pick from Ilia, which uses volcanic stone powder (cool,right?) to buff away dead skin.

‘Kiss Mix’ Lip Treatment from Eve Lom

Next, it’s key to follow up with an extra-rich lip balm. I love this luxe pick by Eve Lom, which cools with menthol and leaves behind a bit of a pearlized sheen, while beeswax locks in essential moisture.

Ultra Repair Intensive Lip Balm from First Aid Beauty

If my lips are itchy or red, I reach for this ointment, which includes collodial oatmeal, a classic soother, and honey, which is one of the OG natural moisturizers.

Lippie from Drunk Elephant

To further prepare the delicate skin around my lips, a serum like Drunk Elephant’s Lippie is key. Avocado oil hydrates, while Green Tea Leaf and Vitamin C repairs UV damage. Hey, who said it was only your face that needed antioxidants?

Lip Gloss from Honest Beauty 

For an extra cushiony moisture throughout the day, I’ve become absolutely obsessed with Honest Beauty’s lip gloss. Now listen, I don’t usually reach for glosses on an everyday basis, but these puppies are like the butteriest, most luxe balm you’ve ever applied–and both the shine and the moisture last for hours. Bonus: no icky ingredients!

Big & Sexy Bold Gel Lipstick from Buxom

On days when a sheer tint just won’t do it (hey, it IS February), I’ll reach for a full-on lipstick; but to avoid the potentially drying effects of matte lipsticks, I reach for a gel formula. Same satiny finish, but with way more moisture. This lippie is velvety-light and nourishing; take it for a spin and you’ll know what I mean!