Getting Dressed With Colleen Crivello of MiniMode

Badass moms, unite.

By Camille Styles
colleen crivello - new york street style

photos by belathée

If you’re not already familiar with one-of-a-kind lifestyle site MiniMode, get ready to spend way too long going down the rabbit hole of its tastemaker interviews, perfectly-styled photography, and healthy living tips. At the forefront of a “new mom movement,” the site is based on the idea that motherhood, a rebellious spirit and living a balanced and healthy life are not mutually exclusive. (Um, count me in!) No surprise that its cofounder, Colleen Crivello, is the total embodiment of the brand, and recently when a friend intro’d us, I begged her to let us peek inside her chic New York City pad and spill the details on her getting ready routine, best and worst habits, and must-have beauty products. Her answers might surprise you (no breakfast? and she doesn’t workout?) which is just one of many things to love about this gorgeous, authentic and talented mama. Keep scrolling to get dressed with Colleen…

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Kisses. Phone check. Coffee. And then when that’s all said and done, a glass of water. Wish I could more consistently remember to have hot water with lemon too, which I do throughout the day, but would be a nice way to start.

What do you eat for breakfast?

I actually don’t eat breakfast. I like to leave a considerable amount of time between the previous night’s dinner and the first meal of the day. Instead of eating breakfast, I have a Dirty Lemon Skin + Hair around 10 am and then lunch around 1 pm. I find that anything more than that for me, is just overeating.

A scene from Colleen’s minimalist, black and white, New York City apartment.

What’s your favorite getting ready soundtrack?

I make playlists all the time on Spotify or Soundcloud. Some of my favorites of the moment are “ILYSB” by LANY, “Baby I Got It” by Miguel Campbell, “Sweet Child Remix” by Alex Cruz, “S.A.Y. – Original Mix” by Compact Grey, and “Love Sick” by Mura Masa.

Healthiest morning habit?

Staying in bed probably longer than I should. Feels like a luxury not to rush out of bed.

How long does it take you to get ready from start to finish?

If at home, 45 minutes because I have much more to choose from in my closet. The most time is spent on getting dressed. When traveling, 20 minutes because I have a limited amount of outfits, which makes the entire process far more efficient.

What’s your daily uniform?

Rather than a daily uniform, I work more in groups of outfits that stay on regular rotation as closet frontrunners until I can’t stand them anymore. One day, it’s a LoveShackFancy skirt mixed with a vintage tee plus blazer, and the next day it’s a vintage pair of Levi’s with a fitted off-the-shoulder top and moto jacket.

Typically during the day, I’m in flats, boots, or sneakers, and at nights I’ll often throw on a heel or bootie with my “day outfit” for dinner. I definitely gravitate to clothes that I can live in, but still feel well styled.

Do you have a signature scent?

Yes! Le Labo Santal 33.

Do you stick to the same makeup and hair routine or do you like to experiment?

Same routine. I wear very littler makeup and rather focus on the foundation, the skin, the soul, because if that’s all glowing then the makeup is unnecessary. As for hair, mine is air dried, natural beach waves (I’m from LA), however once in a while, I do love a blow out!

If you could only put on one item of makeup in the morning, what would it be?

Brush my eyebrows and fill them in. I think it shapes my eyes.

What’s your favorite product to use in the shower?

Recently I’ve been loving the Rahua Shampoo and Conditioner as well as the Le Labo shower gel. Oh, and I love dry brushing, it’s so intoxicating.

Do you workout in the morning?

No, I actually gave up working out nearly all together in August and have never felt better. I’m sure I’ll regret seeing this in print in a few years, but I used to be so stressed about working out everyday to the point of it having a counter effect. I go to yoga now, about once a week if I can fit it in, and if I can’t, I don’t stress about it. I feel so much more free. I think I’m more interested in toning vs. cardio these days.

Worst morning habit?

Coffee before water, and phone before that!

I never leave the house without my _____.

Phone. We’re all so addicted, it’s crazy! And also my daughter if she’s with me.

One word to describe your morning?

Potential and possibly – can I have two words?

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