Exactly How I Get My Beachy Waves in 7 Minutes Flat

Those mermaid vibes don’t happen on their own.

By Camille Styles
how camille styles gets her beachy hair waves

One of the main questions I get asked on my morning Office Hours is how I do the beachy hair waves that I sport most days. Y’all, it is surprisingly so easy I could do it in my sleep, but there are a few tricks of the trade that really give my fine hair oomph. I finally brought my curling iron to work and rigged up a little selfie cam so I could show you exactly how I do it. Watch the video below (it looks best when you hit the “full screen” button in bottom right), and scroll to the bottom to shop the products that keep it voluminous even on the most humid Texas days. Take note of a little-known product tip: this particular Hot Tools curling iron has an extra-long barrel which is clutch for styling long hair. It’s one of my favorite beauty tools in my arsenal.