Get Ready for Fall With These 7 Gorgeous Upgrades

By Camille Styles

On a routine trip to Sephora last September, I impulsively picked up a face mask that listed pumpkin as one of its main ingredients — who knew that the squash infuses your skin with antioxidants and gently exfoliates? I brought it home, opened the jar, and instantly my shower was filled with the most luscious autumn scents that suddenly made me giddy for the season. And most importantly, it cured all my pumpkin spice cravings without any added calories (kidding.)  This year, I’m on the hunt for more easy swaps that will deliver that magical feeling while upgrading my day-to-day routine, and I’m starting with two obsession-worthy fragrances I’ve recently added to my collection: Orange Sanguine and Vanille Insensée from Atelier Cologne. The perfect blend of citrus, spice, and warmth, they’re even better when blended together and immediately recall a certain romance I always associate with autumn. Click through for more details and six other swaps I’m making to usher in the new season.

*image: shannen natasha

This post is brought to you by Sephora.

Blend seasonal scents for a fresh start to fall

Orange Sanguine Fragrance from Atelier Cologne

Vanille Insensée Fragrance from Atelier Cologne

Many people are surprised to learn that citrus is actually seasonal through the fall and winter. My favorite thing about Atelier Cologne’s fragrances is that you can wear them individually, or mix scents together to create the perfect fall fragrance combination. Right now, I’m loving this sweet and spicy pairing of orange and vanilla!

*photo: ashleigh amoroso

Embrace a new color palette for fall flower arrangements

A simple grouping of brown glass vases in assorted heights is so pretty lining a windowsill or a long dining table surrounded by family and friends. I like to stay within a two or three color palette for cohesiveness — in this case, bleached out shades of white roses and wheat are awakened with touches of burgundy chocolate cosmos.

*photo: buff strickland

Set an autumnal tabletop using natural materials

For fall dinner parties, especially heading into the holidays, I love to bring in as many natural elements as possible. Centerpieces made out of berry branches, gourds and pumpkins feel like a modern-day cornucopia, and even little details (like the tiny acorn tied around flatware here) add a warm sophistication to the overall vibe.

*photo: buff strickland

Nix your green drink for a vanilla fig cinnamon smoothie.

Vanilla Fig Smoothie With Cinnamon Whipped Cream

I start off almost every morning in the summer with a green smoothie or bowl of fresh fruit, but this fall I’ve been craving something a little more substantial. This vanilla fig smoothie is perfect for breakfast or to satisfy my sweet tooth after dinner! The figs are a perfect complement to the sweet vanilla Greek yogurt and spicy cinnamon whipped cream, plus they’re chock full of minerals, vitamins, and fiber.

*photo: ashleigh amoroso

Get inspired by the colors and textures of the season

Turning leaves, plaid scarves and market stalls piled high with squash and eggplant: all these iconic symbols of fall get me in the mood for a rich palette in shades of amethyst and pumpkin. Spend a cozy afternoon earmarking magazines (or scrolling through Pinterest) to fully immerse yourself in the new season and add a few items to your autumn shopping list.

*photo: buff strickland

Switch your home fragrance from light florals to something spicier.

Orange Sanguine Candle from Atelier Cologne

Vanille Insensée Candle from Atelier Cologne

Home always feels a little more inviting with a candle burning in the living room, and there’s no better way to indicate the changing seasons that with a new scent. I’m loving these warm notes of orange and vanilla, and when people walk in my door they inevitably ask about the amazing smell wafting through the room.

Replace your summery salad with a root vegetable bowl.

Root Vegetable & Quinoa Salad from Camille Styles

Nothing’s more beautifying from the inside out that fresh seasonal produce, and this bowl full of good-for-you grains and root vegetables is chock full of antioxidants. Packed with cumin-scented carrots, fried chickpeas, roasted beets, and thick wedges of avocado – it’s full of protein and is so satisfying on a chilly day.