How to Build a Neutral Capsule Wardrobe That’s Cool, Not Boring

Black, beige, and stylish all over.

By Brittany Chatburn

I’m tired of the lie that neutral is boring. Listen, I’m certainly not a hater of the classic “pop of color,” but also no apologies for the effortless and classic look that is a white t-shirt and jeans with a perfect *chef’s kiss* fit. We at Camille Styles love to celebrate style in all ways, it’s true. However, allow me to state the obvious and say that we love a neutral look. Neutral decor for the home is calming—and the same is true for your closet. Today we’ll prove it, with a cool-not-boring neutral capsule wardrobe collection. Ahead, we’ll show you what you need to get started—and exactly how to style it.

paperbag shorts and white tank top outfit

Paperbag Waist Shorts Woven Belt (similar) Seamless Tank (similar)

We love a go-to shopping destination. After all, the name of the came when it comes to a capsule wardrobe is simplicity. EVEREVE is a new favorite destination among our editors for literally all the things. Clothing, shoes, and accessories from some of our go-to brands like AGOLDE, Splendid, Citizens of Humanity, Dolce Vita, Frame, Free People, Nation LTD, and more—all in one place.

We’ve partnered with EVEREVE to build out the most conclusive, hard-working, and stylish (obviously) neutral capsule wardrobe. These are your heavy hitters. You’re go-to pieces. Your foundation of fashion from which to build. Care to add color? All for it. Make it a red lip or a shoe pop moment—or keep it cool and calm. Either way, there’s nothing boring about this collection.

neutral capsule wardrobe

How to Build a Neutral Capsule Wardrobe

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of high-quality tops, bottoms, dresses, rompers, shoes, and accessories that can be paired together for a seemingly endless amount of outfits. It’s meant to bring ease and even joy into getting dressed. The trick is building a collection that not only plays well together but ultimately feels and looks like you.

The downside of building a collection is that it takes time and resources—it may feel like a large investment up front. But that’s exactly what it is: an investment. Collecting pieces that are made with high-quality fabrics and materials in classic shapes and styles means you’re removing yourself from the fast-fashion hamster wheel. You’ll wear these pieces for longer, and guarantee you’ll feel better in them, too. Plus, you’ll actually save money in the long run. Here’s how to get started in two easy steps.

neutral capsule wardrobe ideas
linen plants on a chair

STEP ONE: Shop Your Closet

It’s time to purge. Take a look at all the clothes, shoes, and accessories you already own. We all have our systems for a closet cleanout, but if you need a kickstart, here are 10 things to remove from your closet right now. Once you’ve made space, do the hard work of determining what you truly love and want to keep. For your day-to-day pieces, here’s a good question to ask yourself: Would I wear it today?

STEP TWO: Determine What You’re Missing

Is it easy to get dressed for work but you struggle with date-night outfits? Are you lounging around in stained t-shirts and old sweats? Have your basics taken a beating? Use the starter kit below to find gaps in your wardrobe.

21 items to build a neutral capsule wardrobe

Neutral Capsule Wardrobe: Starter Kit

1. Seamless Tank 2. White V Neck Tee 3. Linen Blend Vest
4. Draped One Shoulder Top 5. Linen Top 6. Multi Stripe Resort Shirt
7. Half Zip Pullover 8. Chambray Shirt Jacket 9. Striped Maxi Dress
10. Paper-bag Waist Shorts 11. Splendid Linen-Blend Pant 12. Mid Rise Straight Crop Jean
13. Lightweight Sleeveless Romper 14. Black Linen Romper 15. Black Wide Leg Pant
16. Kork Easy Platform Sandal 17. Recycled Raffia Sandals 18. White Leather Sneaker
19. Goldie Clutch 20. Woven Belt 21. Gold Plated Chain Necklace

camille styles wearing linen romper

How to Style a Neutral Capsule Wardrobe

Now that you’ve got the building blocks, here’s a starter kit to style them for any occasion:

neutral linen blend romper evereve

Date Night

Day to date night couldn’t be easier. Pair this easy and lightweight sleeveless romper with sneakers or sandals then slide into these comfy platform sandals for a breezy date night look.

evereve neutral capsul wardrobe
paperbag shorts outfit

Running Errands

A busy day running around calls for an outfit that doesn’t pinch or pull. Grab a pair of paper-bag waist shorts and a classic tank. Pull it all together with a woven belt, aka, the new unsung hero in your closet.

black linen romper neutral capsule wardrobe
black linen romper

Out for Brunch

Our obsession with the ease of a romper continues. The all-in-one outfit makes for one less decision in the day—we’ll take it. Brunch calls for cute and effortless, the definition of a black linen romper.

neutral lounge outfit
neutral lounging outfit

Weeknight Lounging

Every good capsule wardrobe requires loungewear because, let’s be honest, this is where we spend a lot of our time. Pieces need to be soft—and able to withstand multiple washes and dries over time. Enter a mainstay white tee and cozy, linen-blend pants.