Your Travel Capsule Wardrobe: 10 Pieces, Endless Outfits

Chronic overpackers, listen up!

By Camille Styles
In partnership with Haven Well Within
Photography Michelle Nash
Camille Styles travel capsule wardrobe.

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Over the years, I’ve learned a few secrets to a happy life. Takeaways include: Proceed with kindness. Prioritize simplicity. And the kicker—never check your luggage. Sometimes it’s impossible, but when I have the opportunity, being a “carry-on only” girl streamlines every trip. Because I’ve dubbed this the summer of adventure and play, I’m not overcomplicating anything—my travel capsule wardrobe, included.

I’ve been to Japan, Mexico, Joshua Tree, and countless other destinations with just a carry-on in tow. The key is to pack multi-use items that can be worn for various occasions and styled in creative ways. By doing that, you ensure every piece can be worn multiple times. That’s right, we’re only making space for clothes that do the most. For that, I always look to my friends at Haven Well Within. The brand is my go-to for pieces that are effortless but elevated—perfecting a laidback but thoughtfully put-together look. Their Summertime Shop is a well-curated edit of all the breezy, lightweight fabrics and summer-inspired colors I love wearing this time of year.

Read on for my styling tips and all my favorite Haven Well Within pieces I’m adding to my travel capsule wardrobe this summer.

Travel capsule wardrobe.

How I Plan My Summer Travel Capsule Wardrobe

I should be clear: while I’ll carve out space for some sightseeing, the main goal of my summer travels is to rest and recharge. As such, I’ve intentionally aligned the ethos of my travel capsule wardrobe. I’m leaning into a handful of my favorite, versatile items that can be mixed and matched. The result? Gorgeous vacation outfits that help me feel my best and keep decision-making to a minimum. By keeping my options pared back, I can focus on relaxing instead of stressing about what I’m going to wear.

Camille Styles packing
Travel capsule wardrobe suitcase.

May through August, there’s also a sense of the world opening and coming to life all around us. It’s a balance of making the most of these longer days while still leaning into moments of quiet and stillness. For me, while on vacation, that looks like a full embrace of all summer has to offer. I’m packing outfits that let me prioritize my well-being (yoga, walks, etc.) and enjoying apéritifs on the patio and plenty of dinners al fresco. Essentially, I want to feel good from the inside out—and these travel capsule wardrobe pieces from Haven Well Within help me do exactly that.

Camille Styles sporty outfit.

Check the Weather

Before you do anything, this is an absolute must. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been burned thinking I’ll head somewhere and assuming it’ll be mid-80s and sunny. Learn from my mistake: check your weather app a few days in advance to see what the weather’s doing at your destination. Because this is the summer, obviously you won’t need to bring your heaviest jacket. But anticipate chillier evenings that call for a sweater or wrap. I like to bring at least one layering piece that I’ll wear on the plane. (I can’t be the only one who’s always freezing while flying!)

Camille Styles skirt.

Define Your Vibe

A travel capsule wardrobe shouldn’t just make sense from a practical standpoint—your clothes should also express a vibe. Before curating anything, I like to focus on a few words that define the energy and aesthetic of my wardrobe. Because my trip itinerary is from Ibiza to Provence to Paris, I’m aiming for a Mediterranean-inspired, European summer feel. (Effortless, but elevated.) That translates to easy layers, flowy fabrics, and pieces that do well with or without accessories.

Along with this, I also like to create a color story. Because we’re aiming for pieces that mix and match well, you want to incorporate just a few colors into the mix. Here, I opted for creamy whites, natural linen, darker accents, and just a few prints. That way, I have plenty of neutrals to work with while also creating enough interest in each outfit choice.

Plan Your Outfits

Maybe this seems obvious, but you want to ensure in advance that you’ll actually wear what you’re bringing. Try on individual pieces to confirm that you have enough outfit options for the length of your stay. Snap mirror selfies for every outfit so you have a plan to refer back to. This prevents you from overpacking, as you’ll know to bring only what’s included in your outfit formulas.

Camille Styles sun hat.
Woman wearing sun hat.

Choose Your Accessories Wisely

When you’re tight on packing space, you need to make your accessories work for you. That means no teeny-tiny bags that can only fit a credit card—I’m opting for purses, shoes, and sunglasses that I’ll pair with every outfit. Raffia is a perfect material to lean on as it’s both trendy and timeless, giving all your fits a distinct summer feel. I’ll carry the Raffia Market Bag to the beach, meals out, and of course, for every farmer’s market haul (it’s Europe, you know there’ll be plenty). I also love a flat sandal that’s comfy but still special enough to slide on for an evening out. And lastly, sunnies add an instant element of chicness to your look, without taking up hardly any space in your personal item.

Prioritize Season-Specific Fabrics

Summer is not the time to pull out your best cashmere (though a cashmere wrap can come in handy for colder nights). Instead, look for summer-appropriate fabrics and materials that you can easily throw on. Right now, I’m loving gauze, French terry, and linen. Not only does the look scream summer, but they’re light enough to keep you from overheating under the hot summer sun. And… they also layer well. So when you do need a little more warmth, you’re covered.

Travel capsule wardrobe accessories.

Follow the Two-Shoe Rule

This is a hill I will happily die on. Because we’re opting for lighter fabrics, your shoes will inevitably take up the most space in your suitcase. Minimize the issue by packing only two pairs. I like a pair of strappy slides that I can easily dress up or down and a bonus shoe (either a sneaker, boot, or whatever you need for additional activities and events). Then, I’ll wear my Common Projects sneakers on the flight. They double as my casual shoe while still being comfortable enough to wear for several hours in the air.

Be Ruthless With Your Skincare

We’ve exclusively chatted clothes up until this point, but if you’re like me, you’ll be tempted to pack your entire medicine cabinet into your carry-on. A word to the wise: don’t. I separate my skincare and makeup into two bags, my Beis cosmetic case for the former and a smaller waterproof bag for my makeup. From there, I make sure I’m packing only what I’ll use every day (and I’m following Gen Z’s cue and prioritizing multifunctional makeup). For more makeup and skincare packing tips, our beauty editor shares her tried-and-true strategy.

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My Favorite Travel Capsule Wardrobe Pieces