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Lauryn Evarts is a force to be reckoned with. Her blog and brand, The Skinny Confidential, has been named the top health and fitness blog in the world, and if you follow her on Instagram, you know that her adventures are insane, her tips invaluable, and her stories hilarious. And don’t even get me started on the podcast – it’s one not to be missed.

On the surface, it might appear that Lauryn and I have little in common. She’s neon lights and black leather, I’m ivory and linen; she’s as platinum as it gets, I’ve got virgin locks; she brazenly says what’s on her mind, I hate hurting people’s feelings. But on the day that I spent with Lauryn in the new West Hollywood digs she shares with her husband and business partner, Michael, (the pair recently relocated from San Diego), I learned that our commonalities transcend our differences.

We share a passion for creating great content, and we both approach our crafts with an unbridaled energy that makes our “work” not feel like work at all.

We bonded over a desire to inspire our communities to live their fullest lives. And we could have compared notes on our wellness hacks, favorite podcasts, and nutrition books for days.

Just like her passionate fanbase, I quickly fell under Lauryn’s spell and was cracking up at (what felt like) my new bestie’s ridiculous commentary on her getting ready routine. And within a few hours of our time together, I’d hopped online to order the hydroflask, inulin powder, and black onesie (seriously) she swears by for her most productive daily routine. Lauryn’s effect over everyone in her orbit is proof that she’s the influencer to end all “influencers,” and I’m officially a card carrying member of the TSC club. Read on for the exact routine that gets Lauryn going each morning, and get ready to take some major notes ’cause this girl’s got TIPS for days.

What time is your wake-up call?

Between 7:00 and 7:30 am. If I don’t get 8 hours I’m a raging B.


What wakes you up each day? 

My very calming bedtime alarm. I don’t have one of those loud cortisol-raising alarms. I have a bedtime app that wakes me up very softly.

I immediately open the shades and drink a mint water or warm water with lemon on my walk to the coffee shop, so I get light, movement, and hydration.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

Before I move, I meditate for 10 minutes. If I don’t do this, I can really feel it throughout the whole day. I use the Headspace app. Reading a bit of stoicism always makes a difference in my day, too. The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday is one of my favorites to read a passage from. I also love the @dailystoic Instagram.

Describe your getting ready routine from start to finish.

Each day is really different. Some days I’m able to put on a track suit & be comfortable, other days I have interviews or meetings so I take some more time to get ready. I put a lot of value on my time & I spend money on it. Using GlamSquad for hair & makeup has been very useful because I can work, uninterrupted for an hour. If I’m just around the house then I’ll do a skincare routine – no makeup. If I have a podcast I’ll just use a tinted moisturizer & a brow brush to brush my eyebrows up.

Favorite in-shower product:

Lalicious Sugar Scrub & their vanilla shower oil. I also love my tongue cleaner, dry brush & cinnamon toothpaste

What’s your daily uniform?

I have go-to outfits. I have an all black hoodie, leggings & sports bra I grab when I walk for coffee. Then I have staples that I go back to when I do interviews, like tracksuits. There’s one by Palm Angels that I always go back to because it’s so comfortable. It’s a black top and black bottoms – I have one with orange neon stripes down the side & one with neon green stripes down the side. I really like Yeezy’s too. I know they’re so trendy, but they’re so comfortable. I always wear PEDS (the socks you can’t see in shoes) & black thong underwear. A Wearwone sports bra is something I love & wear almost every day too.

What do you eat for breakfast?

Lately I’ve been intermittent fasting, so for breakfast all I have is an unsweetened almond milk cappuccino with cinnamon & inulin fiber. It’s a prebiotic that fills you up & keeps you satisfied. It’s really good for your gut. If I am eating breakfast I’ll start with fiber, like some berries & a coffee. Then later I’ll move on to eggs with mushrooms, spinach & raw goat cheese from the farmer’s market. Sometimes I’ll add GG crackers or a Siete almond flour tortilla. There’s a green tomatillo salsa from the farmer’s market that I always add to my eggs, too.

Any morning media rituals?

I do not touch my phone in the morning because it’s a cortisol bomb. There are questions, emails, and texts that I can’t deal with logically until after my morning routine & workout. The only way I’ll look at my phone is to get on Headspace or turn on an educational podcast while I walk to get coffee. I like an educational podcast opposed to an entertaining podcast for the morning- it really sets the tone of the day.

What’s your favorite getting-ready soundtrack?

A podcast. I like to learn while I’m getting ready. I love passive multitasking. But in the background I always have Bossanova playing. Brazilian Bossanova is my favorite.

Do you workout in the morning? 

I set an appointment in my calendar to workout seven days a week, and usually end up hitting five of them. I like to workout for 30 minutes to an hour. If I’m doing an hour, I workout with Ingrid De La Mare of The Method. It’s a low intensity barre workout that leans & sculpts. Or I’ll workout with Kim Kelly who works with me on the TSC Body Guide, which is more strength training. Both workouts are lightweight, not heavyweight. Workouts that are heavy and intense raise my cortisol so I prefer lightweight exercise. I’m not a fan of heavy cardio workouts either, because I feel like it makes my skin sag. The workouts with Ingrid and Kim are over Skype because it helps me pivot right back into my workday. Wasting time driving or running into someone and chatting was taking my workout from 1 hour to 2 hours, so now I know it’s just an hour and I’m done. Walking while I have my conference calls is something I always try to do, too.

What’s always in your bag?

I never leave the house without a portable charger, pink Hydro Flask (with mint & ginger in it), cell phone, and Laneige lip mask.

If you could only put on one item of makeup, what would it be? 

Sunscreen. I like Replenix caffeinated sunscreen with a tint, and applying it with a damp BeautyBlender is the only way to go. I like an eyebrow brush too, for brushing my brows up.

Do you stick to the same makeup and hair routine?

Experiment definitely. The only thing I’ve stuck to is not wearing eyeshadow. It looks too heavy on me. Other than that, I love to experiment with my hair all the time. Experimenting with makeup is especially fun when you find a good makeup artist.

Do you have a signature scent?

Yes. If I’m just running errands I use this Egyptian Musk Oil that Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy used to wear. It’s feminine & masculine at the same time, but not too heavy. The other 80% of the time you’ll find me wearing Baccarat Rouge.

Healthiest morning habit:

Meditation, sunlight, hydration, movement, and a workout. Sometimes if I wake up early I read for 30 minutes – that’s a nice cherry on top. Right now I’m reading Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis from The Red Hot Chili Peppers (it’s really good).


Worst morning habit:

Time management. Let’s just say I’m working on it. Trying to fit in so many things really makes the time get away from me. It’s not an excuse, just something I continually have to work on.

If you had one extra hour every morning, how would you use it?

To read.

One word to describe your mornings:


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