How I Do My Overnight French Braid Waves

Cute hair, (almost) zero effort.

By Camille Styles
Camille Styles overnight french braid waves


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For when I want cute hair with zero effort.

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We’re beginning week 4 of quarantine, and I’d say that I’m officially settling into my at-home style. I’ve come to terms with the fact that the few pieces of clothing I’d purchased for spring may not see the light of day for awhile, and I’m okay with embracing a comfier, more pared-back look during these days at home.

And nowhere is that more true than with my hair. While I’ve mastered the 5-minute makeup routine, I just really can’t bring myself to drag my hair dryer out of hiding. Enter: my overnight french braid waves to the rescue.

I posted a snap of my waves on Instagram Stories the other day, and many of you guys DM’d me asking exactly how I do my french braid waves. So, here’s how it goes down:

  • I shower in the evening, comb out my hair, and let it mostly air dry.
  • Then, while I’m watching TV (we’re currently doing an episode of Ozark each night before bed), I divide my damp hair into two parts and french braid each section. Do not worry if you’re not an expert french braider… I only learned how to do it last year from watching a YouTube video, and while my skills are nothing to brag about, they get the job done.
  • Secure with skinny elastics, and go to sleep.
  • The next morning, I heat up my flat iron and take 30 seconds to go over my cowlicks in the front of my hair, and lightly straighten my ends so they’re not flipping out at weird angles.
  • I spray lightly all over with hair spray, shake out the braids, and if I have a couple extra minutes, I add a few waves with my 1″ curling iron just to the top of my head that didn’t get braided.
  • Spritz with a little more hairspray, add some texture spray, flip my head over and rough it all up.

Done and done, out the door. Er, should I say… into my living room where the rest of my day will commence, but I’ll at least feel a little cuter. Watch the IGTV step-by-step above, hop over there to leave any of your questions in the comments, and shop the products I used below.