Wake Up Call

How Jacey Duprie’s Morning Routine Gets Her Glowing

Hint: we want all her skincare.

By Camille Styles
Jacey Duprie, founder of Damsel in Dior, at home in Los Angeles

When our Uber pulled up to Jacey Duprie’s quiet, tree-lined street in mid-Los Angeles, our photographer Kristen and I were mid-embarrassing moment. In our rush to get out the door and beat LA traffic that morning, we’d jerry-rigged a makeshift “to go” container for our scrambled eggs, toast, and chia pudding using random items from our hotel room… and now we had arrived with a total mess on our hands. After a few minutes of negotiating (pleading) with our Uber driver to help us dispose of our bizarre breakfast setup, we finally looked up at Jacey’s house – and saw Jacey and her husband Grant relaxing in rocking chairs on their front porch, watching the entire spectacle.

Thankfully, any fears I had of creating a bad first impression vanished when Jacey threw her arms around us, welcoming us into her home like old friends.

In no time, we were sitting around the breakfast nook eating muffins and soaking up the morning sun as we learned more about the 100-year-old home the family is fixing up room-by-room, and getting to know the woman behind the incredible brand, Damsel in Dior.


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I spend the morning at @jaceyduprie’s LA house to talk style, babies, and Instagram fame.

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Jacey Duprie's baby June

Jacey Duprie's baby June

In case you’ve been MIA from the blogosphere, Damsel in Dior is the fashion and lifestyle blog that Jacey launched back in 2011, and has grown into one of the most influential media properties in the industry. Jacey’s hyper-loyal audience loves her style, yes — but like me, they’ve fallen even more in love with the beautifully real businesswoman and mother that reveals so much of herself through her daily Instagram posts.

She’s not afraid to be a goofball, and she happens to wear a-mazing outfits while doing it.

I was so excited to spend the morning with Jacey and learn more about how this woman makes it all happen while appearing to have so much fun along the way. What struck me most from our time together was the way she balances it all while keeping family at the center — her husband Grant easily switched hats from modeling in our shoot to strategic business partner mode, and we had plenty of mid-shoot cuddles with baby June and english bulldog Polly who kept us laughing.

Scroll on for all the photos (including Jacey’s famous closet), as well as what beauty products, smoothie ingredients, and morning rituals set her up for her happiest day ahead.

Jacey Duprie, founder of Damsel in Dior, at home in Los Angeles

What inspired you to start Damsel in Dior?

I started working on Damsel in Dior while I was working full time at E! News, and never in a million years did I dream it would turn into its own brand. The website was featured on WordPress after I posted a photo on my honeymoon trip in 2011, and that’s when my audience stuck around and I started to take it more seriously. The name is a spin on “damsel in distress,” and my hope is that our readers will never feel like a damsel in distress; I want them to live their lives feeling like a Damsel in Dior.

Jacey Duprie, founder of Damsel in Dior, at home in Los Angeles

What does a typical workday look like for you? 

To say that every day is different would be an understatement. I am currently juggling various jobs, and between working on Damsel in Dior and our various collaborations and partnerships, I also act as a Creative Director for 1212, Grant and I are looking for a new real estate project, and I’m a mom to June. My days vary, but usually involve spending time with June between 7-8am, working out right after and then catching up on emails. I take the afternoon to either shoot or take meetings and then spend most nights at home or at a dinner meeting or event.

Jacey Duprie, founder of Damsel in Dior, at home in Los Angeles

Tell us about your house.

We’ve lived in our 100-year old house for nearly 2 years. We were really drawn to its rich history and the space that we will be able to grow into as a family. We worked with the amazingly talented interior mastermind Martha Mulholland to help make the home feel truly special. We love the eclectic mix she brought to the table.

Jacey Duprie, founder of Damsel in Dior, at home in Los Angeles

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

My eyes usually open around 7am, and I head straight to brush my teeth and go seen June. Grant, my husband, does the morning routine with June and I am in charge of nighttime routine. We all hang out together, but I can ease into my morning a bit more this way. I spend time journaling, reading and setting my intention for the day within the first hour of waking up.

Jacey Duprie's Closet and Dressing Table Jacey Duprie's beauty and skincare routine

Describe your morning beauty routine.

I wash my face using Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser with cottonseed oil, and I use a Forreo to wash it. I recently feel in love with La Prairie Cellular Refining Lotion which I apply next, followed by La Mer Eye Concentrate, Vintner’s Daughter Serum and apply Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream which is my all time favorite. Daily, I wear a light foundation with SPF by M.A.D and take He Shou Wu for my hair. I don’t leave the house without spraying Soleil Toujours Setting Mist with SPF on my face to protect it.

Jacey Duprie's Closet and Dressing Table

Jacey Duprie's Closet and Dressing Table

How do you outfit plan?

I only plan my outfits when I am traveling. When I am packing I try everything on and take photos. I’ll lay out shoes with each look in an effort to make as many outfits using as few shoes as possible. As for my day to day outfit planning, I start with one piece that I really want to wear that day and build from it.

Jacey Duprie, founder of Damsel in Dior, at home in Los Angeles

What do you eat for breakfast? 

I make a smoothie inspired by Kelly LeVeque:

  • 2 cups of Almond Milk
  • 1 handful of spinach
  • 1 handful of blueberries
  • 1 tablespoon of nut butter
  • sprinkled Chia seeds

You can add protein powder if you want, but I don’t. It keeps me full until at least noon.

Jacey Duprie, founder of Damsel in Dior, house in Los Angeles Jacey Duprie, founder of Damsel in Dior, house in Los Angeles

What are your morning media rituals?

I love listening to music in the morning and do my best to not tune into anything that will stress me out (ie the news.) I’ll check in on headlines on my phone later, but aside from that I’ve been avoiding watching US news.

What are your favorite books?

Jacey Duprie, founder of Damsel in Dior, at home in Los Angeles

What’s your favorite getting-ready soundtrack?

“Let’s F*** Sh** Up.” It’s a playlist on my Spotify channel that I made

Do you work out in the morning?

I work out 3 times per week. On Mondays I play tennis for 1 hour. On Wednesdays I do a 1 hour Pilates class, and on Friday’s I take a class, usually Pilates or dance cardio.

Jacey Duprie, founder of Damsel in Dior, closet Jacey Duprie, founder of Damsel in Dior, closet

I never leave the house without: 


Healthiest morning habit:

Dancing or writing in my gratitude journal.

Worst morning habit:

Checking my Instagram.

Jacey Duprie, founder of Damsel in Dior, house in Los Angeles

Jacey Duprie, founder of Damsel in Dior, at home in Los Angeles

Daily uniform:

Black jeans, white tee and a tan blazer

Bath or shower?

Hands down a bath! I love using Susanna Kaufmann bath oil.

Jacey Duprie's husband, Grant

If you had one extra hour every morning, how would you use it?

That’s funny because it is my 2020 resolution to wake up to have an extra hour. Currently I use that extra hour every morning to write.

Describe your mornings in 5 words or less:

Clear. Inspired. Short. Loving. Happy.

Jacey Duprie's dog Polly

5 favorite spots in your Los Angles neighborhood:

  1. Violet Grey is such a special little gem of a beauty destination. It’s just as curated as their beautiful website.
  2. Arcana Books is one of my favorite places to find rare & out of print books. Every time I visit I leave with a book that feels extra special.
  3. Lunya is one of my favorite sleepwear brands and their amazing store in Santa Monica is incredibly inspiring and stylish.
  4. The Sunset Tower Hotel in West Hollywood is such a classic hotel. We frequent there for a nice dinner where we can get all dolled up and (hopefully) rub elbows with a celeb spotting or two.
  5. The Tropics. Even if you’re not in the market to buy a plant, this spot is guaranteed to help find your zen. It’s like stepping into Jurassic Park.