How to Have Pretty Feet all Summer Long

By Tara Thompson Rasmus

It never ceases to amaze me how tough the summer months are on my feet. In cooler weather, when my tootsies are safely enclosed in their socks and shoes, foot maintenance is a breeze — a scrub every once in awhile, followed by a fresh coat of polish, is all it takes to keep my toes looking relatively respectable on a daily basis. In the warmer months? Not so much. Whether I’m stomping the steamy city sidewalks or frolicking in the sand on the beach, I end up feeling like I need an entire tool kit filled with foot cleaning and softening products to remedy my dirty, calloused, blistered feet.

Thankfully, my line of work means that I’m regularly introduced to a plethora of the newest beauty innovations designed to help feet recover from summery beauty woes. Whether it’s snagged toenails or cuts from breaking in a new pair of wedges — seriously guilty of that one right now — I’ve rounded up the perfect products that will keep your feet smooth and happy (without shelling out for regular professional pedicures).

featured image via nanou yaelkan


Earth Therapeutics Organic Tea Tree Oil Cooling Foot Scrub

In my opinion, good summer foot care starts with tracking down the perfect foot scrub. There’s nothing like a good sloughing to take your feet from scuzzy to lovely in only a couple of minutes. I love that this organic scrub includes tea tree oil, which I’m obsessed with for its perfect ability to gently but thoroughly deodorize and disinfect skin.

Silk’N Pedi

Do me a favor, and try to ignore the funny-sounding name, because this tool may actually allow you to give up pricey professional pedis forever. Like an electric toothbrush for your feet, this rolling callus remover provides serious exfoliating power with minimal effort — how genius is that?

Deborah Lippmann Foot Care Duo

If an electric callus remover seems a bit high-tech for you, I love this cute duo for daily foot maintenance. Use this dual-sided foot file plus a nourishing foot cream daily for happy, smooth feet on the regular.

Kocostar Foot Therapy Foot Exfoliation Wraps

If you’d like smoother feet with zero effort (who wouldn’t), these paraben-free exfoliant wraps will blow your mind. Simply slip your feet into the packs and wear for 90 minutes — when you slip them off, your feet will be fully exfoliated and moisturized. Genius.

Sephora Collection Crystal Nail File

For cracked or split toenails (unfortunately an inevitability for me as I tromp around the city in sandals), there’s nothing like a high-quality crystal nail file to smooth things out in a jiff. I love how this file is bright, cheery, and decked-out for summer — who says that foot maintenance can’t be cute?

Band-Aid Advanced Healing Adhesive Bandages

When these blister-specific bandages came out on the market, I’ll admit that I initially rolled my eyes. Why on earth would I need special bandages for blisters? Well, let me tell you: a few bad blisters from wearing sandals in humid weather has made me a believer in these nifty little pods. First of all, the extra padding makes a huge difference in comfort, especially if you walk around all day like I do. And, the super-strong adhesive means that you can stick one on and wear for a couple of days, so your poor blister can heal in peace.

Aveda Foot Relief Cream

Finally, when you’ve buffed, filed, and treated your feet, the last step is the perfect moisturizer. I love foot-specific creams because they usually mix super-moisturizing ingredients with sloughing ones; this one pairs soothing lavender and jojoba oil with fruit acids that gently continue the exfoliation process until your next DIY pedi.