The countdown to Thanksgiving dinner is on — I’m running around this morning picking up our turkey (Adam is frying it!), last-minute ingredients I forgot on my last trip to the grocery, and flowers for the table. Thought it would be fun to take a little break from the madness to talk about T-day beauty since it’s something that usually gets neglected in the hustle and bustle. When it comes to holiday gatherings, usually I’m so busy prepping and spending time with family and friends that my number one makeup priority is that it has to last. Most of us have probably purchased a “long-last” lipstick at some point, and if your experience has been anything like mine, either its claims fell flat (gone by lunchtime) or it left my lips feeling so dry that I was reaching for the chapstick to slather over it. With a ton of holiday events on the horizon where I know I won’t be thinking about reapplying my lipstick mid-way through, I decided it was time to find the perfect, moisturizing, long lasting lipstick once and for all.

Enter the new Velour Lovers Lip Colour from Laura Mercier that promises to be moisturizing and long lasting with vibrant, high-impact color. The lipstick infuses nourishing mango butter into its matte formula for a velvety texture. I was immediately taken by the beautifully pigmented shades, and scooped up French Kiss and Boudoir to test them out just before a little gathering with friends to see if it would pass the dinner party test.

Into my party clutch Boudoir goes, though if all goes according to plan, I won’t see it again all night since reapplying will be off my radar (fingers crossed!) 

One thing that I love about this lip color is how buildable it is: one swipe gives a satiny medium coverage, or trace over it again for a high-impact matte finish that packs such a festive punch. The texture is creamy and nourishing thanks to that lovely mango butter, and it feels almost more like a balm on your lips than a traditional matte lipstick.

And… success! When I got a glimpse of myself long after dinner was done, I couldn’t believe how brilliant the color still was hours after I’d applied it. Looks like my lips are officially ready for the holiday season (hello, mistletoe!)… now I just need to figure out what I’m going to wear!


Don’t forget to check out this morning’s complete guide to setting the table — I’m off to get ready for the Thanksgiving dinner at our house tomorrow. What part of the meal are y’all looking forward to the most? I’ve been taking a little break from eating gluten the past couple of weeks, so suddenly all I can think about is my mom’s pumpkin & gingersnap pie… mmmmm… Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of great food, love, and laughter!

*photos by Kristen Kilpatrick 

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