Secrets to Shiny Hair

By Tara Thompson Rasmus
Dry Shampoo

Typically, we associate shiny hair with health—but, the products that we use can make a major difference in the luster that we see in our locks. The key is to find the correct balance between keeping hair healthy and keeping it clean. Sounds pretty simple, but since many hair products are either overly drying or loaded with silicones that merely coat the hair rather than nourishing it (and lead to buildup and dullness over time), it’s important to use the right products in your routine to keep hair shiny and not overly weighed down.

To help you along on your journey to mirror-like locks, I rounded up some of my favorite products that will keep your hair light, bouncy and healthy, as well as tips to keep your hair happy, whether it’s straight, curly, fine, thick, or in-between!


Be Gentle, Be Kind Green Tea Shampoo

First up on the quest for shiny hair: clean hair, obviously! But, the shampoo that you choose can really make our break your locks’ shine factor. Use a harsh shampoo, and you risk stripping hair and scalp of natural oils, causing dryness and frizz. But, use a shampoo loaded with silicones and fillers, and you risk contributing to dulling buildup. The ideal in-between pick is a gentle, sulfate-free clarifying shampoo that removes all of the ick without disturbing the natural balance of hair and scalp. This pick from Briogeo (one of my favorite hair brands ever!) perfectly fits the bill.

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment

Next up: conditioner. Dry, dull hair needs nourishment, without lots of the fillers added to typical hair treatments that merely act as a temporary solution to frizziness and flyways. Enter this ingenious sulfate-free mask from high-tech hair care line Living Proof, which actually repairs hair with patented molecule technology and even repels dirt so that you can wash hair less often (a key step towards shinier, healthier hair!).

Online Only Highlights Vinegar Shine Rinse with Chamomile 

After you condition, a rinse is the secret weapon for impossibly glossy hair—try this pick with vinegar, which helps to seal the hair’s cuticle.

DevaCurl No-Comb Detangling Spray 

Next up, a detangling spray is perfect for an extra dose of superlight moisture (especially for dry, damaged, or curly hair). This silicone-free, vitamin B5-packed spray is specifically designed for curly girls, but any hair type can benefit from a quick spritz after a shower.

PHYTO Phytokeratine Repairing Thermal Protectant Spray

A major shine-zapper, unsurprisingly, is heat styling and the damage and dryness that it can create. This spray is both heat-activated and heat-protecting, which means that it’s specifically designed to repair your hair as you style it, while preventing breakage. (Remember: healthy hair = shiny hair…)

T3 SinglePass Compact Iron

If you do heat style, make sure that the tools you’re using are as gentle on your hair as possible. I love the T3 line of heat tools, which use ceramic and tourmaline plates to straighten hair gently and quickly.

Honey Curls by Earth’s Nectar

If you have curls, you’re likely familiar with the constant battle to keep your swirls glossy without weighing down your bouncy locks. Enter a moisturizing gel: this potion (delightfully named Honey Curls) includings aloe and jojoba oil to define your coils without any crunchiness.

Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil UV Protective Dry Oil Finishing Spray

Shine serums were all the rage a few years ago…until we all learned that slicking on those heavy potions eventually left us with dull, greasy hair. Instead of applying a thick serum, try finishing your style with a light-as-air shine spray like this dry oil mist from Bumble.