Sheet Masks to Save Your Skin

By Tara Thompson Rasmus

I have to admit: when sheet masks first exploded onto the beauty scene, I was a little skeptical. They seemed kitschy at best—and why is something like a single-serving face mask even necessary? Well, I quickly changed my tune around the time that I had a baby and suddenly anything that would streamline my beauty routine sounded like a godsend. I love that I can toss one of these in my bag or stick one in the fridge for extra skin-reviving powers. I love that I can apply one and then throw it out without dealing with green goop all over my bathroom sink. And I love that there are so many versions at every price point that you can amass your own “complexion troubleshooting bar” and simply select a mask to fit your skin depending on how it’s feeling that day—stressed, dehydrated, dull, etc.

If you’re new to sheet masks (like I was until recently), I’ve rounded up a few great ones to fit all kinds of complexion-related issues, so make like me and stash a few so that your next DIY spa moment is just a few seconds away.

featured image of the soothe & calm hydrogel mask from erno laszlo

Alba Botanica Anti-Acne Sheet Mask

Breakout SOS? Many acne treatments that claim to be fast-acting can be harsh and drying, but not this papaya-packed little wonder: it soothes skin while it treats breakouts with lemon and salicylic acid. Simply massage excess serum into skin after removing the mask to let the ingredients continue their magic.

Balancing Recovery Mask

If you’re feeling like your skin is generally wonky and out of balance, this coconut-infused mask has the ability to both hydrate and absorb excess oil, leaving skin in perfect, enviable equilibrium.

Water Pocket Sheet Mask by Laneige

Feeling sucked dry? This mask essentially wraps your skin with moisture, completely hydrating and rejuvenating your skin (especially amazing after a Sahara-like long flight).

Spotlight Set of 5 Brightening Masks by Saturday Skin

Let these masks be your secret weapon during these glow-zapping cooler months: a blend of biliberry, licorice and lotus extracts diminish dark spots while soothing and moisturizing for a totally revitalized complexion.

Flower Fusion Lavender Soothing Sheet Mask by Orgins

I don’t know about you, but I have the kind of skin that sometimes just gets…cranky. Not exactly broken out or dried out, just simply irritated, dull, and stressed. This mask is my new favorite thing for those moments: the lavender calms both my skin and my nerves for a pretty ridiculously relaxing experience. 

Peter Thomas Roth Un-Wrinkle Sheet Masks

If you’re in need of a serious complexion boost before an event, these sheets packed with anti-aging neuropeptides, 24k gold, and hyaluronic acid are basically a makeover in a handy-dandy little packet.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb Sheet Mask

In need of some serious hydration, but hate how moisturizers can leave your skin greasy or shiny? This treatment moisturizes and smoothes skin but leaves a matte finish, so you can follow it up with makeup application (and not worry that your handiwork will slide right off your face).