Styld.By: Casual Work Day

By Camille Styles
Gap Zip Pocket Sweatpants / Styld.By Camille Styles

Gap Zip Pocket Sweatpants / Styld.By Camille StylesFor me, a day at the office never looks the same… and I wouldn’t ask for it any other way! I might be at my desk working on blog posts or interviewing subjects, meeting with clients at a coffee shop, scouring local stores for props, or (as I was on the day these shots were taken), scouting cool photo shoot locations around Austin. Gap Zip Pocket Sweatpants / Styld.By Camille StylesNever thought I’d say this sentence in a post, but it was the perfect day to pull on a pair of sweatpants. Not just any pair of sweatpants, mind you: though I’d never be caught dead (in public anyway) in the ill-fitting baggy sweatpants of the past, the current new crop of chic activewear has introduced a stylish sweatpant that’s in a category all its own. I wore this zip-pocket pair in our latest collaboration with Gap for a trip to East Austin Succulents to scout out potential locations for an upcoming photo shoot.
Gap Zip Pocket Sweatpants / Styld.By Camille StylesWorkdays like this require outfits that are super comfy and won’t hold me back from getting the job done, and I kept this one from looking like I came straight from the gym by pairing the sweatpants with an oversized blazer and vintage-inspired sneakers. The pant’s streamlined cut and chic detailing disguise just how comfortable they really are.Gap Zip Pocket Sweatpants / Styld.By Camille StylesGap Zip Pocket Sweatpants / Styld.By Camille StylesWhat do you guys think? Would you wear a dressed-up version of sweatpants (maybe even with heels, like this look?) to work? We’d love to hear in the comments, and for loads more outfit inspiration, be sure to checkout Gap’s site for some amazing looks worn by creative people around the globe.contributorByline_Temporary_JessicaPages