Summer Hair Damage Repair

By Tara Thompson Rasmus
Summer Hair Damage Repair | Camille Styles

Despite the fact that typical ideas of “beachy summer hair” conjure up visions of  sun-kissed highlights and tumbling, shiny waves — well, the reality of harsh sun, humid air and salty or chlorinated swims can mean that, come August, one feels less, well, mermaid-like than she imagined. Thankfully, all is not lost! Whether your hair is limp, dried-out, frizzy, or just in need over an overall zhush, I’ve found a pretty — and downright luxurious — solution for you. Take a click through my favorite new picks that will totally revitalize your locks so that you can literally let your hair down for the remainder of this steamy season (you sexy mermaid, you).

featured image via cherie’s fair



Drybar “Bay Breeze” Hydrating Shots

Just like the first rule to happy skin is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, the first step to total hair recovery is to hit it with a supercharged dose of moisture. These adorable little “hydrating shots” are a super-effective way to quench dehydrated locks: simply spray the entire bottle into damp hair, section by section, leave in for three to five minutes, and rinse well. (Word to the wise: throw one of these into your carry-on before heading on vacation — you’ll thank me later!)

Carol’s Daughter “Mirabelle” Biotin Hair Mask

If weakness and breakage is your current summer hair woe (beware of too-tight ponytails and chignons on fragile locks!), this luxurious mask could be your new Holy Grail. Packed with grape seed oil and strengthening biotin, this treatment will nourish your hair from the inside out, making it more resilient to future damage.

Phuse Beauty “11 Things I Love About You” Leave-In Conditioner

For even more safeguarding against future damage (and as therapy to bleached-out, dried-out ends), a leave-in conditioner is key. This all-in-one treatment is like bubble wrap for your hair: it protects against color fading, split ends, sun damage, and much, much more.

Yarok “Feed Your Youth” Hair & Scalp Serum

As anyone who’s experienced a dreaded part burn can attest, taking care of one’s scalp is just as, if not more, important than taking care of your strands. This “anti-aging” (and all-natural!) hair and scalp serum is packed with nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants to encourage a happy scalp and healthy hair growth.

Original Moxie Shape Shifter Reforming Creme

Girls with curls, I get your plight: there’s nothing sadder than watching your coils go limp in the heat. This cream-gel-wax hybrid is my newest perky-curl solution: it’s formulated with light floral waxes that condition hair while also providing support to taxed waves.

Bumble & Bumble Surf Infusion

Beach hair: just add salt and wind and go, right? Sadly, it’s not that simple for most of us that aren’t, you know, Gisele. For those of us mere mortals who need a little help to encourage silky, shiny waves, this new Surf Infusion spray from Bumble and bumble blends salt with nourishing oils for textured, gleaming strands.

Captain Blankenship Mermaid Hair Oil

And finally, no matter what your hair type, mermaid hair is possible (as promised!) with this aptly-named oil from organic line Captain Blankenship. Formulated with organic argan and Kukui nut oils (and no crappy fillers), this stuff smells like the salty Maine coast — rub a bit into your ends and feel a bit more like that summer goddess you are!