I’ve been noticing an interesting (and welcome) trend in beauty lately. Where most women’s beauty routines once seemed to revolve around makeup, many women seem to instead be embracing skin care as the center of their beauty routine, and simply using makeup to enhance their complexions. With this new emphasis on skincare, we’ve seen new categories emerge in the space—and honestly, it can get confusing. And (reality check) expensive, too.

One new category within skin care that’s become more prevalent is facial essences. The name sounds slightly, well, fluffy, and easy to dismiss as an unnecessary extra step in your routine. However, these viscous preparations are actually much more effective than they might seem. More substantial than a toner but lighter than a serum, these gel-like liquids are designed to use after cleansing and before serums and moisturizers, to prepare the skin to absorb treatment products more effectively. Because they have more substance than toners, they don’t evaporate, but rather absorb right into the skin, delivering treatment ingredients with impressive potency. But, because they are so light, they treat without weighing down your skin with a too-heavy layer—a perfect addition to our beauty routines, especially with this warmer weather.

There are now so many facial essences on the market that you truly can find one that will cater to your unique complexion’s needs. Whether you’re looking for extra moisture, protection against environmental stressors, exfoliation, or oil control, one of these smart little potions can truly revitalize your skin with only a few drops per day. Take a look at the selections that I’ve rounded up, and let me know—do you use a facial essence in your daily skincare routine?

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Fresh Black Tea Kombucha Facial Treatment Essence

Infused with fermented sweet black tea, this concentrated antioxidant treatment smoothes and softens skin’s appearance while it counteracts the effects of environmental stressors from pollution and the sun’s rays.


SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

A cult classic (and possibly the most well-known essence), this treatment by SK-II is a splurge, but many women swear by it. Boasting 90% Pitera, an exclusive ingredient to SK-II that’s rich in vitamins, amino acids, and minerals, it helps prepare skin to better absorb serums and moisturizers. 


Dior Hydra Life Deep Hydration Sorbet Water Essence

If your skin is feeling dull and dry, this transcluent blue liquid will totally revitalize it by gently exfoliating skin with fruit acids while haberlea leaf extract and French mallow soothe and hydrate.


Oriental Plants Essence by Koh Gen Do

Packed with anti-aging amino acids and ceramides, this potent potion boasts 36 botanical extracts to soften and plump your complexion.


Belif Hydra Sebum Control Essence

If keeping grease at bay is your game, this genius preparation will totally change your strategy. Designed to reduce surface oil by 20 percent, this weightless serum infuses the skin with hydration and then dried to a matte finish, leaving skin feeling perfectly balanced.


Sake Hydrating and Brightening Essence by Boscia

A lightweight gel featuring vitamin- and mineral-rich sake, caffeine, and sea algae, this powerhouse gel renews, de-puffs, brightens, calms inflammation, and firms—hows that for multitasking?


Omorovicza Omoressence

Developed to help boost your outer dermis’ ability to retain moisture, this collagen-boosting preparation (featuring spring water from the Rácz Spa in Budapest) also helps your skin achieve its perfect pH, leaving it balanced and calm. 

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