The Best Products for Hiding Dark Under Eye Circles

By Tara Thompson Rasmus
Reveal Color Correcting Eye Serum

I know this is kind of a dramatic statement, but I have this secret belief that one’s under eye concealer can make or break one’s makeup look. Here’s why: the right concealer for you (meaning: the right shade, the right coverage level, etc.) can completely change the way your face looks—in a good way, with very little effort. Too often, though, women simply dab whatever concealer they use to cover blemishes or other imperfections under their eyes and blend a bit. I’m all for simplifying and streamlining one’s beauty routine, but you absolutely need different concealers for your under eye area and for the rest of your face. The right concealer to cover blemishes is very pigmented and a little drier and thicker, so that you can use a smaller amount to cover a dark spot. Use the same concealer under your eyes, and you’ll end up with unnaturally stark coverage and a dry finish that is likely to cake and/or crease.

Concealers specifically made for the under eye area, however, are usually a little bit less pigmented, with a more moisturizing finish. It’s actually a good thing to maintain some natural shadows around the eyes; it creates definition. Ironically, the goal is actually to brighten the under eye area, not conceal it, which lifts your whole face and hence creates that transformative effect that I’m talking about.

Alright, enough concealer soapboxing for me (can you tell that I have feelings on the topic?). Click through to check out my picks for treating your under eyes right, once and for all.

Black Up Radiance Concealer

Perfect for medium to dark skin tones, this pen concealer by BlackUp has a medium to full coverage but a soft and creamy finish, making it perfect to brighten around the eyes without appearing ashy or cakey.

Reveal Color Correcting Eye Serum

If you have especially dark or deep-set under eye circles and need some extra brightening help, start with a corrector like this one by Becca. It has orange-pink undertones, which counteract blue and purple pigments under the eyes. You can wear the corrector by itself, or layer it under another concealer or brightener for a seriously wide-awake effect.

Under Eye Brightening Corrector

I looove me a good serum concealer or foundation (was there ever a statement that makes me sound more like a beauty nerd?). But really: this relatively new texture is pigmented yet super-light and buildable, meaning that it covers flaws without looking heavy or cakey. This concealer by Algenist has the added benefits of their AlgaCorrecting complex, which contains microalgae to improve the appearance of skin over time.

Tom Ford Concealing Pen

Like a luxury spa getaway for your under eye circles, this smoothing and moisturizing concealer makes quick work of waking up tired eyes.

Born This Way Concealer

Many concealers (especially ones for the under eye area) only come in three or four shades; this lightweight wonder comes in a whopping sixteen shades, making it easy to find your perfect match.

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Pro Glow Concealer

There’s nothing more annoying than carefully applying my concealer in the morning, only to look in the mirror in the afternoon and look like I never applied it at all (WHERE does it go?!). But, many long-wear concealers can look way too unnatural or heavy around the eyes. This is my concealer unicorn; it’s long-wearing yet designed to leave a light and glow-y finish.

Pacifica Dark Circle Rehab Correcting Cream

A one-stop shop for your under eye area, this handy palette includes three creams for concealing, correcting and brightening—mix and match as desired for your perfect amount of coverage.