The Fashion Sneaker

By Jessi Afshin
the fashion sneaker

We have good news for your soles: sneakers are officially in vogue. Get ready to jog your way into a more fashionable and comfortable 2015, because sneakers are no longer relegated to the gym! Since I’m personally smitten by pumped-up kicks, I enlisted the two most stylish gals I know to model a pair for this month’s edition of Double Take. Enter the Mayekawa sisters, the young, stylish duo that know fashion and (let’s be honest) couldn’t get any cuter. Robyn shows us a modern and minimalist take on the chic sneaker, and Mandy makes a statement with her chic feminine flair. Click through the slideshow to see how these young professionals fashioned the stylish Pre Montreal Nike sneaker, and you’ll soon be swooning over fashion’s most comfortable and versatile accessory.


Robyn, how would you describe your personal style?

Typically, my style falls into the neutral and relaxed department. I feel most myself when I am in a monochromatic outfit of blacks, whites or greys. It creates a great base for fun accessories. I also ask myself, “would I be comfortable in this all day?” You could say that my approach to style is methodical.

We want to know: what’s your favorite part about fashioning a stylish sneaker?

Versatility. I love that sneakers can be causal or dressy. Plus, they are such an easy go to shoe to slip on as you’re walking out the door.  Once you put sneakers on you’re good to go for the entire day!


What was your approach for styling the sneakers?

I love the casual look with sneakers. You’re comfortable, but you still look cute! I paired the sneakers with…

BLQ Basiq Hadley Chiffon Cami from Nasty Gal (my current favorite online retailer).

A Banana Republic Velvet Vest (currently sold out, find a similar vest here).

A whole lot of jewels and baubles! Because that’s just what happens when you work at jewelry store…

earrings, necklace, watch, rings: (from left to right) tiny chain ring, stack ’em up rings, mckenzie double band

Tell us about your current position at Kendra Scott.

Currently, I am a Key Holder at Kendra Scott on South Congress in Austin, TX. It doesn’t feel like work though because I have so much fun styling customers all day! I truly enjoy helping customers pick new Kendra jewels for their wardrobe and finding styling inspiration for myself when interacting with customers.

What are 3 items in your current wardrobe you cannot live without?

What is most inspiring about your sister’s style?

I admire my sister’s fem style! She is always on trend, but adds her own twist. Seeing her girly girl outfits inspire me to branch out from my neutral norm.

Robyn, where do you look to find fashion and styling inspiration? 

I look for styling inspiration everywhere. Whether its online, in a magazine, or just by passing someone on the street, I am always taking note of the fashion around me. Each source I draw inspiration from reflects a different side of me. Magazines like Vogue inspire my trendy, fashion-forward side. My edgier, more alternative style is inspired by my favorite online retailer, Nasty Gal. Most of my styling inspiration stems from Zara though. Their looks are clean, cohesive, and coincidentally always right up my alley.

Mandy, how would you describe your personal style?

My style is a mix of feminine, comfy casual and trendy. I love light, bright colors with touches of sparkle and florals. An overlying truth to my style is that I am a huge sucker for stripes and truly believe in only wearing ensembles that make me feel comfortable and confident.

We love how differently you and your sister styled these fashionable sneakers, have your styles always been completely different from each other?

Aside from your typical matching ’90s sets when we were children, absolutely yes. Robyn’s always been good to the darker hues, sheer tops and creating incredible edgy/chic outfits. Me? The complete opposite with frilly accents, bows galore and bright colors.

What’s so fantastic though is how, although we’ve shared fully packed closets our whole lives, we can completely transform the same pieces and incorporate both of our mentioned styles and personalities to make it individually look like Mandy and Robyn.

What was your approach for styling this feminine chic outfit? 

I love pairing dressy outfits with sneakers, plus I really wanted an excuse to strut a tulle skirt! I think it’s awesome how versatile sneakers are. You can dress them up, keep them super casual or use them conventionally in active work outs. I only use them for the former two (ha!).

I paired the sneakers with…

Lapeled Light Chambray Softened Shirt because I’m a total sucker for chambray.

Pashli Leather Crossbody by 3.1 Phillip Lim (my most recent splurge).

The Wendy Tulle Skirt in Ivory (tulle skirts are so feminine and fun, who wouldn’t want an excuse to rock one?).

So you moved to LA after graduating from UT, tell us about your new job and how you dress the part.

I’m an International Publicity Assistant at Lionsgate in Santa Monica, CA. I help handle the publicity logistics for Lionsgate and Summit Entertainment’s international films. From booking talent travel, supporting press junkets and keeping distributors up-to-date.

Always being on the move and working long hours at the desk, I typically go for a casual/trendy look. A good high-waisted jean or jogger pant with a comfy blouse, easy-to-kick-on sneakers and a trendy jacket to tie it all together – most of the time incorporating at least one black piece. Don’t be fooled. Black on black is as much of a dominating color scheme in the LA entertainment industry as it is in New York.

We love your arm candy, what’s adorning your wrist?

My ring obsession has slowly progressed to insanity over the course of one year. I just love the simplicity of dainty rings and the ability to easily stack them and switch ’em around. I’m debuting…

Michael Kors Pyramid Runway Watch

Texas Azul Fire Opal Necklace

Cuff Ring by giantLION

Variety of Catbird Stackable Rings

Who is your style icon and why?

Olivia Palermo. Since her days on “The City,” I have always been completely captivated by her style. So elegant, so simple, so versatile, and so on point all the time. I mean, her “wedding dress” was a three-piece consisting of a white cashmere top, white shorts and a full tulle skirt. She’s a genius.

What are three items on your current wish list right now?

  1. Trouve Evans Leather Slip-on
  2. Loeffler Randall Lock Clutch
  3. Stone Cold Fox Helena Robe