The Only Beauty Product You’ll Need for That “No-Makeup” Glow

By Camille Styles

I’ve had a secret weapon in my makeup drawer for awhile now, and it’s a bit of an unsung hero; its versatility never ceases to amaze me. Did anyone guess a “multiple stick?” No? Then get ready to take notes. The color might change with the seasons (I love coral in summer and more pink-toned in winter), but I always have one that I use on the daily… and trust me when I say that it’s a busy woman’s best friend.

Honestly, I hadn’t given my multiple stick much thought until we received some samples of Pixi’s excellent new version at the office the other day, and a few of the girls on our team admitted they were MS virgins — and were intimidated by the thought of using the colors (which appear shockingly saturated in the tube) on eyes, lips, and cheeks. I realized it was time to spill on the super easy multiple stick technique I use most days; it’s particularly perfect for those days when I’m trying to capture the elusive “no-makeup” look and give my skin a subtle warm glow. Keep scrolling for the tutorial, and… promise not to laugh at my embarrassing step-by-steps.

*ps – my favorite brands/colors are nars the multiple in orgasm and south beach and pixi multibalm in baby petal. I’d love to hear yours in the comments!

Camille's secret multiple stick technique

pixi multibalm in baby petal
smashbox halo hydrating perfecting powder
smashbox face and cheek brush #2
l’oreal butterfly mascara

Camille's secret multiple stick technique


  1. Use the stick to apply color directly onto the apples of your cheeks and high points of your cheekbones.
  2. Don’t worry too much about getting both sides of your face exactly even — you’re going to be doing tons of blending, and honestly, this technique is kinda mistake-proof.
  3. Apply color to the other high points of your face — think about highlighting and bronzing the spots that the sun would naturally hit, like bridge of your nose (where you used to get sunburned when you were a kid!), top of forehead, and brow bones. Look in the mirror and laugh at yourself before you start blending.
  4. Use a big fluffy powder brush dusted with a little translucent powder to blend blend blend over all the spots where you applied color. This will start to soften the edges and make the color melt naturally into your skin.
  5. Use fingers to continue blending any areas where the color is still too noticeable. It should look like a subtle flush, not an all-out blush fest.
  6. Use your fingers to smudge the color into your lips.
  7. One more light dusting with translucent powder to make sure everything set and blended.
  8. A quick swipe of black mascara, and you’re out the door! Don’t be afraid to be unfussy with how you apply it. Throw that multiple stick in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups, and feel free to use a brush or your fingers to blend. Just have fun with it and then head out the door.

Camille's secret multiple stick techniquephotographed by jessica attie
featured photo via vogue