The Secret to Keeping Your Holiday Red Lip In Place

It’s a Christmas miracle.

By Hannah Zahner
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It’s officially red lip season. Whether you’re rocking a cozy sweater and boots or going full holiday glam, nothing says festive quite like an outfit topped with the perfect shade of crimson lipstick.

Even if you’re not usually a lipstick kinda gal, there’s no time like the holidays to try it out!

The only downside to a bold lip is the fact that it often just won’t stay in place on its own – and lipstick on your teeth and clothes isn’t exactly the look you’re going for. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your bright lipstick from bleeding, read on for the only trick you’ll need to lock in your lipstick.

feature image by kristen kilpatrick

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image: theklog

First things first, line lips with lip liner. Use a similar color to your lipstick or a trusty nude that closely matches your lips. Next, apply your lipstick (not sure what color to try? See below for some all-star favorites!).

red lip, beauty, style
image: taylorlashae

Here’s the important part, and all you need is a tissue and some loose powder! After applying lipstick, place the tissue over your lips. Using a fluffy brush, dust the loose powder over your lips, then remove the tissue. Voila!

red lip, beauty, style
image: stepupladies

The powder sets the lipstick just like it sets foundation, and the tissue helps diffuse the powder. By using the tissue trick you avoid dulling the color or mattifying the lipstick too much. Since this technique for applying the powder keeps the powder light on your lips, you can follow with a gloss if you’d like!