What to Wear on a Plant Shopping Weekend

By Camille Styles
Plant Shopping Tips from East Austin Succulents in a Striped Wrap Dress

images by Kristen Kilpatrick

Now that the weather’s getting warmer, there’s no way I’d rather spend a sunny Sunday afternoon that shopping for plants to add to my growing collection (pun intended.) While Adam’s the master of our backyard landscaping, I’ve started quite the indoor garden of my own made up almost entirely of succulents – perfect for black thumb gardeners like me who can’t manage to keep much else alive. My favorite spot in town for its cool vibes, crystals, and incredible selection is East Austin Succulents. Read on for outfit notes from a recent visit, plus a few tips I’ve picked up on keeping my succulent babies happy all year long.

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This place is dangerous for plant-lovers like me: their variety of cacti, cool succulents, and all-around interesting plants that I’ve never seen before is unmatched! On this particular trip, I had my eye on some gorgeous staghorn ferns that I’m still debating whether or not to scoop up.

Also, they have this amazing selection of crystals! I haven’t totally jumped on the crystal train when it comes to using them for wellness and healing purposes, but if you’re interested, here’s an interesting guide. Whether you buy into the crystal craze or not, they make a really pretty addition to a coffee table or bookshelf.

Here’s what I wore for my plant shopping excursion:

tularosa maddy wrap dress

linjer tulip bag

joie ankle strap sandal

erika classic sunglasses

This wrap dress has already been a closet MVP this season, perfect with flat sandals for relaxed weekend wear and stepping up to the plate for a sexy night out when we were in Costa Rica.

Don’t you just want them all? In my personal experience, succulents are THE easiest plants to keep green and thriving, especially for people like me who frequently forget to water their indoor plants for weeks on end (please say I’m not the only one!) If you’re new to the succulent game, here are a few tips for keeping yours as vibrant as the day you bought them:

Secrets to succulent success:

  1. SOIL: Succulents like fast-draining soil like pumice, sand, gravel, or granite. A good test is that if you gather the soil in your hand, you want it to fall apart instead of sticking together in a ball.
  2. LIGHT: In general, indoor succulents like a lot of sunlight to be happy! When they’re not getting enough, they get kind of stretched and leggy looking. Outdoor succulents like a lot of light too, but avoid too much hot direct sunlight or they may get “sunburned” and the leaves will turn.
  3. WATER: Succulents are drought-tolerant plants, but too long without water may cause their leaves to lose color or drop. They like to be watered infrequently, but soak them completely – and then let them dry out completely before watering again. I usually water my indoor succulents once every 2 – 3 weeks, and water my outdoor ones more frequently during the hot summer months.