Would You Try a 10-Step Skincare Routine?

By Camille Styles

skincare regimenHave you noticed that Korean skincare products are having a major moment here in the US? As a bit of a beauty product junkie, I’m completely fascinated by the exotic-looking brands popping up on shelves from Sephora to Target these days. In case you haven’t noticed, Korean women seem to possess ageless, pore-less complexions that you just can’t argue with, and from what I’ve learned, skincare in Korea is serious business from the time a girl is in her teens. I’ve been reading about the so-called “10-Step Korean Skincare Process” that most girls are trained in, taking them through a rigorous nightly routine of cleansing, toning, exfoliating, masks, serums, and loads of moisturizing.

While I’m typically one to jump at the promise of flawless skin, I wonder if a 10-step regimen might be a bit wearing even for me — especially since I’ve become accustomed to the westernized approach that values ease and efficiency in pretty much all areas of life. But then again, there is something appealing, almost indulgent, about the thought of spending 15 or 20 minutes pampering your skin each night before bed. Of course, there are also the er, unorthodox, ingredients to consider. I had coffee with a friend this morning who told me she just ordered a shipment of the much-talked about Korean “sheet masks,” some of which infuse skin with snail filtrate, supposed to fight wrinkles and reduce blemishes. I’ve also seen Korean cleansers made with egg whites, moisturizer made with starfish extract, and treatments made from bee venom.

What do you think – how much is too much time to spend on your nightly skincare? Would you put ingredients like snail filtrate and starfish extract on your skin?

(shop the post below for a few of the Korean imports that I’m most curious to try out.)