Few categories of beauty products instill fear in women in quite the same way as peels. I doubt any of us have forgotten that painful episode of Sex and the City in which Samantha gets an in-office peel and spends the rest of the episode with a face that resembles something like raw hamburger meat. Terrifying, much?

Thankfully, at-home peels are much gentler than any treatment that you would get at the dermatologist, but they can be surprisingly transformative. Whether you’re battle acne scars, congestion, or general dullness, these products are designed to gently yet thoroughly sweep away dead skin cells and debris, revealing smoother, more even skin.

Click through to scope out my picks, organized by skin type, and let me know—are these products aPEELing to you? (Sorry, sorry.)


Rub-A-Dub Refining Peel Gel by Saturday Skin

If your skin is finicky and can’t decide if it’s dry or oily, this gentle peel will address any and all of your skin woes. Simply apply to clean skin, rub on for one minute, and then rinse with warm water—the natural enzymes work to sweep away dead skin cells and impurities.


Gauze Peeling Green Tea BioPeel from Neogen Dermology

If you like the idea of a peel but worry that your delicate complexion might freak with anything too harsh, this product could be your saving grace—the single-use pads are infused with soothing green tea so that your skin is calmed while it’s exfoliated.


Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Extra Strength Daily Peel

If you suffer from discoloration from sun damage or acne scars, you may think that a trip to the derm is in order—but thankfully, there’s a solution to try at home. This extra-strength at-home peel system totally revitalizes your skin in two simple steps.


Wild Rose Vitamin C Petal Peel 2 Step Brightening and Resurfacing System by Korres

A natural alternative to chemical-based peels, this rose-oil-infused system offers up major hydration in the form of hyaluronic acid while vitamin C repairs and brightens.


Facial Radiance Intensive Peel by First Aid Beauty

Is your skin feeling jet-lagged, clogged up, or generally blah? This non-abrasive mask works almost instantly with lactic and salicylic acids to sweep away debris, while clay and charcoal detoxify pores.


LancomeAbsolue Precious Cells Rose Drop Night Peeling Concentrate

Calling all lazy girls: if a multi-step or rinse-off products just seems like a hassle, this serum is a dream. Simply apply under your moisturizer and allow this magic potion to exfoliate and encourage cell renewal while you snooze.

On the Go:

Milk Peel by Patchology

For a revitalizing shortcut to happy skin while traveling, pop this sheet mask into your carry-on—in only five minutes, lactic acid exfoliates while soy and coconut milks hydrate.

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