Where I Live

Kristin’s Fearless + Fun Home

Today’s home tour is every bit as colorful and energetic as its vivacious owner, Kristin Gish, co-owner of SUPPLY, Austin-based tastemaker, and all-around social butterfly. The first time I set foot in Kristin’s home was at the baby shower of my friend Kim (also Kristin’s business partner), and I was immediately floored by her unabashed […]

Merrilee’s Artistic Bungalow

There are some homes that instantly lift your spirits just by walking through the front door. Designer Merrilee McGehee’s colorful west Austin abode is one such smile-inducing spot, with creative details tucked into every corner and a vibe that makes you want to kick back with a glass of lemonade and stay awhile. I was first intro’d […]

A Stylish Rustic Retreat

About 50 miles west of Austin (and 50 miles north of San Antonio) sits the historic town of Blanco. It’s known around central Texas for it’s pioneer-style town square and beautiful riverfront park.  As hill country towns go, Blanco is still relatively undiscovered — the population was still under 2,000 during the last census. The […]

Kim’s Modern Blue-Toned Bungalow

Some people seem to be born with great taste, and today’s subject, Kim West (who also happens to be one of my best friends) is without a doubt one of them. Though in some ways our aesthetics are polar opposite — on a recent trip to Miami she declared that she wanted “to move into” […]

Miranda’s Magical New Orleans House

photographed by buff strickland We have to admit — as much as we’d like to claim scouting credit — that artist Miranda Lake fell into our lap by some sort of strange magic. We’d just been discussing reader comments in a meeting and lamenting that you (our lovely readers) were ready to see something different […]

Celine & Justin’s Colorful Midcentury Home

photographed by nicole mlakar • celine would like to thank boozer construction and articulated design for work on her home Celine and Justin are my favorite kind of people — absolutely uncategorizable. Sure, they’re both busy being successful physicians, but why should that stop them from being top-notch decorators with impeccable taste for vintage design […]

Baby Henry’s Nursery Reveal

Okay guys, it’s go-time: I’m having a baby in just over 2 weeks, and the nursery is officially ready to welcome a boy! It seems surreal that we’re so close, but we’re also so excited about his arrival that I’d honestly be thrilled if I went into labor today. I can’t wait to meet this new little […]

Phoebe’s “Big Girl” Room

I’ve been sneaking little peeks here and there of our work-in-progress upstairs spaces, and I’m so excited to show y’all the first of the finished rooms! Since I hadn’t changed up the decor of Phoebe’s nursery since she was born, we thought it was time for our almost 3-year-old to have a room that was a […]

Lora’s Kid-Friendly NYC Apartment

Living in New York with small kids is no easy feat, yet Lora Appleton, founder of kinder MODERN and kinder GROUND, manages to make it look so simple in her stunning space. Settled on the West side of Manhattan, her home is as enchanting as it is elegant. Always mindful of how the pieces she brought home would marry her […]

Sarah’s Colorful Family Abode

Stepping into today’s colorful abode is at once breathtaking, inspiring, and like a big warm hug that invites you to sit down and stay awhile. That last part is no doubt due to the warmth of its owner, auburn-haired beauty, mother of 3, and talented Austin-based interior designer, Sarah Wittenbraker. Yep, Sarah would be easy to hate […]

Christine & Steven of VeeCaravan

I love this quote by Terence Conran: “Home is the heart of life… Home is where we feel at ease, where we belong, where we can create surroundings that reflect our tastes and pleasures. Making a home is a form of creativity open to everyone.” While it’s true that home is really about the people […]

Ashton’s Casual Bohemian Bungalow

Like many Austinites, Ashton Arthur fell in love with the city’s active outdoorsy vibe and vibrant food and music scenes when she moved here to attend University of Texas in the 90’s… and she never left. Ten years later, Ashton was ready to purchase a home of her own, and when she stepped through the doors of this 900-square-foot bungalow that […]

Jennifer Rose Smith’s Loft Apartment

Whether it’s an inborn trait or something that’s carefully honed over time, there’s no denying that some people simply possess really good taste. Our art director, Jennifer Rose Smith, is one of them (lucky us!), and she has that rare knack of making everything she touches appear hip, thoughtful, and never overdone. In other words, just […]

Home Tour :: Harper Poe

Walking through Harper Poe’s home is like visiting the global souvenir shop of our dreams. As the owner of textile brand Proud Mary, she’s curated a home that’s every bit as traveled and authentic as her humanitarian line: cushions from Mali, ceramics from Cote d’Ivoire, and ornaments from Morocco are just a few of her collected […]

Duffy Stone’s Barn Style Bungalow

Pushing open the wrought iron gates of Duffy Stone’s 1930s barn style bungalow feels like you are walking in to another world. The serene, overgrown gardens that surround the house on all sides are a contrast to the buzzing, vibrant East Austin neighborhood around them. Interior designer Duffy and her documentary filmmaker boyfriend, Ben Powell, […]