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This Dreamy Holiday Home Is Straight Out of a Nancy Meyer’s Movie

Complete with perfect holiday cookies.

By Isabelle Eyman

The walls are a soft, creamy white. Your eye catches a glimmer of tinsel and touches of plaid pop out wherever you turn. No, this is not one of the famed interiors of a mid-aughts Nancy Meyers film. Instead, Anastasia Casey is welcoming you inside her cheerful, warm, and perfectly festive East Texas home.

With any house entirely made by hand, her family’s lake home is full of character and charm. The house—though you’d be hard-pressed to imagine it today—was a labor of love. Anastasia shares that she gets emotional reflecting on the past year of renovations and remodeling. But after foundation work and replacing the subfloor (and many of the designer’s signature touches sprinkled throughout), the home is a gem worthy of its stunning scenery.

“The property is dotted with dogwoods, redbud trees, crepe myrtles, Japanese maples, and pine trees,” notes Anastasia. And though the renovation isn’t entirely complete—there’s a little work left to do finishing out the basement—she says with enthusiasm and what I have to imagine is a sigh of relief: “It finally feels like home.”

Step Inside Anastasia Casey’s Stunning Holiday Home

And the timing’s just right. For most home design enthusiasts, there’s never a better time to lean into our love of décor than the holidays. The weather outside is frightful, and in turn, we’re embracing our coziest inner homebodies. By the looks of it, Anastasia knows the vibe—and she’s going all in. But rather than opting for over-the-top decorations and garish lighting, she’s well-versed in making the subtle celebratory.

Below, we asked Anastasia all about her holiday home design process: what she envisioned for the space, the traditions she’s holding onto, and how she infuses it with a sense of novelty year after year. So step inside, you’re in for a treat.

Anastasia Casey
Anastasia Casey

As a web designer and branding expert specializing in luxury lifestyle brands, Anastasia’s mission is to help boutique brands reach their target audience through refined design and strategic marketing. She has created content for brands like McGee & Co., Herbivore Botanicals, Snap Kitchen, and many more.

How would you describe your holiday design aesthetic?

Unfussy, natural, and a little whimsical. I like things to be unusual, unexpected, and always inspired by nature.

What was your process in decorating your home for the holidays?

This is the first year we’ll spend at the lake house, and I really wanted to focus on nostalgia. When spending a holiday in a new place, I think it’s particularly important to bring familiar elements into a space. My process this year was based on making things feel natural, but also easy to walk away from.

For once, I opted for faux greenery we could use year after year, without worrying about things dropping needles, drying out, or causing any fire hazards. I invested in the faux cypress garland from Afloral and selected a few specific places to decorate: the entryway, the living room, the kitchen, our bedroom and the bunk room.

Afloral Faux Long Pine Needle and Pinecone Christmas Garland

u003cpu003eu0022The garland had such a natural drape to it, I literally just threw a couple of nails in the corners where I wanted to hang it, and draped it casually.u0022 u003cemu003e— Anastasia Caseyu003c/emu003eu003c/pu003e

When it comes to decking the halls, it’s easy to go overboard. What are your tips for making your home feel distinctly “holiday” without overwhelming the space?

Hang stockings on hooks you already have around the house! Don’t limit yourself to just the mantle. Our stockings are hung by the front door this year, and since that’s the center of the home, you walk by them multiple times a day. It’s the perfect little glimpse of holiday without feeling smothered by it.

A simple wreath in a room is often all you need. I love a sweet bedroom moment with just a wreath where you normally have artwork.

How do you balance trying something new while also being mindful to give space for traditional touches?

Instead of a full-on theme every year, I just focus on one color. This year, I wanted things to feel nostalgic, but modern, so I went with a tomato-red velvet ribbon. It’s nearly a burnt orange, gives a nod to tradition, but it perfectly complements the olive greens of the house.

What are your go-to resources for holiday décor?

Afloral for their faux garlands and wreaths. I love Target’s Wondershop—they had so many super fun and charming glass ornaments for $5 this year, I stocked up on about 20!

Decorating your home for the holidays is a tall order. What would you suggest someone prioritize if they’re tight on budget or space?

100% start with the greenery. While I always prefer real garland and wreaths, it’s a sizeable investment year after year. By selecting really high-quality faux greenery one year, you’ll save every year after that. You don’t need very much, and can fill in with clippings from your own yard! Nothing feels more classic or festive than a plain tree or garland with really twinkly lights.

The biggest bang for your buck is tinsel. For about $5, I totally covered our tree at the lake house and it brings so much joy through the season. Just make sure to save it and use it year after year to keep it out of landfills.

How are you decking the halls this holiday? Share with us in the comments!