Raspberry & Pistachio Cake with Lemon Glaze

It’s always right around this time of year that I start craving desserts with fresh juicy berries and zingy citrus fruit — flavors that practically shout from the rooftops that Spring has arrived and it’s time to savor desserts with a lighter vibe. For a garden party I hosted in my backyard, I made this Raspberry […]

Blood Orange & Amaretto Mascarpone Trifles

I’m going to be completely honest with you guys. This recipe was brought about by a disastrous cake failure. When planning for this post I had grandeur plans for a supremely moist, citrusy, and blush pink pound cake (hello, spring!) garnished with creamy mascarpone glaze and golden toasted almonds. Sounds pretty dreamy right? Well, things […]

Lavender Pistachio Madeleines

Madeleines may have found their place in history thanks to Proust, but these buttery scalloped cakes are undoubtedly delicious enough to stand on their own, literary references aside. I’ve loved them for years, and can’t believe I actually had to purchase a madeleine pan to make these at home for the first time ever. The […]

Salted Butterscotch Pots de Crème

I have spent the last twenty-seven years of my life (so all of them) coveting any and all creamy desserts. From ice cream, to pudding, to more ice cream, I just can’t get enough. I have distinct memories of my ten-year-old self bellying up to the kitchen counter, preparing those little boxes of  instant pudding – pouring […]

XOXO Valentine’s Brownies

It would be impossible to celebrate love’s favorite holiday without our one true love…chocolate, of course! What better way to say “je t’aime” than these decadent delights adorned with an ombre royal frosting. Now’s the time to up your game by making these extra special — pull out your apron and make a homemade, but still super simple, batch […]

Nutella Molten Cakes + No-Churn Cherry Cheesecake Ice Cream

ed. note: Since our entire team has fallen in love with the decadent, beautiful, and perfectly-named blog Butterlust, we invited its creator, Katie, to pop by the site once a month in an all new series called “The Sweeter Side.” She’ll be sharing at-home recipes for ending the meal (or starting the day) on a sweet note, […]

Dangerously Decadent Chocolate Pie

With Valentine’s Day just a few weeks away, sweet treats, decadent chocolates, and dangerous indulgences are on our minds. And when tasked with whipping up a delicious and devilish Valentine’s treat, we knew that Libbie Summers — hostess with the mostess and author of Sweet and Viscous: Baking with Attitude — was the woman for the job. Keep reading […]

Healthy Chocolate Cupcakes

Okay okay, “healthy” is a relative term, but when you compare these against your typical cupcakes packed full of sugar and way too much white flour and butter, they’re definitely healthier, and satisfy chocolate cravings like a champ. After watching the documentary Fed Up recently, I was inspired to start paying a little more attention to how much sugar […]

20 Best Thanksgiving Pie Recipes

It’s the eternal Thanksgiving debate at our house: try out a “new twist” on the traditional desserts (me), or stick with the classics (pretty much everyone else). The men in our family look forward to my mom’s perfect pecan tart all year long, and my sister and Phoebe are major pumpkin pie girls. Though I […]

Cake à la Céline

photo by jessica attie This delicious recipe for candied orange olive oil cake was given to us by our sweet friend Celine Ord of the blog Aquahaus. (We took the liberty of naming it after her!) Check out the full party where Celine served this amazing dessert here. Recipe originally adapted from Epicurious.

10 Best Halloween Desserts

Get out your costume and stock up on fun-size candies because it’s (almost) Halloween! I can hardly contain my excitement, as Halloween marks the start of my favorite season of the year. For me, the day signifies the beginning of non-stop holiday baking and countless festive gatherings with friends and family. I’ve rounded up the 10 best Halloween desserts because there’s no […]

A Spooky Menu for a Halloween Party

If you caught Monday’s ghostly photo shoot, you may have noticed the the frightful bites and creepy cocktails that graced our wooded party. Since they’re perfect for just about any kind of Halloween bash, today we’re serving up the instructions and recipes for both those adorably spooky pumpkin macarons and Camille’s Poison Berry Smash cocktail. […]

Salted Caramel Apple Muffins

I’ve officially been bitten by the salted caramel bug. Salted caramel ice cream, salted caramel sauce (to drizzle over ice cream, of course), salted caramel brownies… there’s something about the toasty buttery flavor of caramel that’s just made for a sprinkle of sea salt, and I’ve recently caught myself fantasizing about how to add more of […]

10 Heavenly Plum Desserts

When I think of plums, one of the first things that comes to mind is Little Jack Horner sitting in a corner. I’m sure you all know the famous nursery rhyme, the one in which Little Jack pulls a plum out of his Christmas pie. Well, no offense to Jack, but we can do a […]