Yes, You Can Do Crow Pose — Here’s How

Crow pose is one of the foundational arm balances in a yoga practice. While it’s not necessary to float effortlessly into an arm-balance in order to have an effective yoga practice, the level of awareness, focus and equal parts strength and ease necessary to explore and practice these types of poses can most certainly benefit […]

Why Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Is The Best Summer Workout

You can’t drive across the Congress Street bridge in Austin without seeing dozens of people on stand up paddle boards (or as we like to say around here, “SUP” boards.) At first glance, it doesn’t look like much of a work out. You’re… well, standing. And paddling. But one time trying SUP is enough to […]

5-Minute Footwork Drills This Boxer Swears By

In sport, footwork is essential to elevating performance by improving overall speed, and the ability to start, stop, and change directions quickly, leading to an advantage over an opponent. Mixing in footwork to your regular fitness routine is a great way to improve speed, coordination, stability, and cognitive abilities. Change things up, and add these […]

4 Exercises to Jump Start Your Boxing Obsession

Shadow boxing is when a boxer moves around by herself, throwing punches in the air; it is the raw exercise of moving the body like a boxer. It is an essential component for fighters to develop and improve fighting techniques, condition muscle memory, and warm-up or down during training, and is fundamental to improve strength, […]

Prep for Your Cheeky Swimsuit with These 3 Moves

Swimsuit season comes early in Austin! To prepare, we’ve put together 3 moves that will lift, tone and strengthen your seat. In addition to looking swimsuit ready, strong glutes will improve your posture and athletic performance. Try incorporating these three moves into your weekly workout routine and you will be that much closer to your […]

10 Motivating Quotes for When You Don’t Feel Like Working Out

Raise your hand if “get in shape” (or something along those lines) is one of your new year’s resolutions. This year, after being completely inspired by Jenn’s health kick, I decided not to wait until January 1st to start kickstart my 2018 goals. My healthy routine over the last couple of months has consisted of […]

Do These 4 Moves to Tone Your Triceps

At MOD Fitness we pay special attention to our triceps during our upper body series. We like to call triceps the transformation muscle, which is why we never skip this super important part during a barre class. Our triceps and biceps play an important role in pushing, pulling, extending and flexing the arm, which is why […]

3 Self-Defense Moves Every Girl Should Know

Editor’s note: A few weeks ago, while walking my dog, I found myself in a confrontational situation that kicked my fight-or-flight response into high gear. The moment I perceived the threat, my sympathetic nervous system began firing off, filling my body with adrenaline, stress, and aggression like I’d never experienced before. I came out of the situation […]

A Head-to-Toe Guide for Your Best Ever Spring Break Bod

featured image from j. crew March, y’all. March! Can you believe it? The new month feels especially out-of-turn here in Texas, where the winter season was so brief and sporadic, that I didn’t even get the chance to wear half the outerwear in my closet. Then again, there are worse things in the world than the […]