5 Instagrammers to Follow When You Need a Confidence Boost

Your feed just got more inspiring.

By Phoebe Neuman
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So often when we talk about healthy social media habits, it’s about learning how to step away from our phones when they’re making us feel less than stellar. What we don’t talk about as much? Ways to make the time you spend on social media actually serve you better. And that’s exactly where these confidence-boosting Instagram accounts step in.

From a self-growth guru to a beacon of body positivity, the women behind each of these handles are rays of positivity.

Who said social media had to be all selfies and self-promotion?

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Helllllo, September. I love this month. After Labor Day always feels like a new year to me. The playfulness of summer has nourished me, the energy of fall sparks my creative flow, and I’m in the final stretch before my birthday (Nov 5!) and the New Year. It’s always the period when I narrow in on my priorities and make my biggest life and biz decisions. And I have a lotttttt in store for you that I’ve been cooking up all summer, soon to be released later this fall. (Eeee. I’m so excited that all my toes are dancing. ??) ?????????? ?????????? Here’s the reflection I’m checking in on today to set September up to feel good. If you repost to your story with answers, please tag me so I can see and hold space for our collective intentions. ??

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Following Amber Rae is almost as good as having a life coach on-call at all times. The artist and author of Choose Wonder Over Worry is known for her soul-probing journal prompts, sharing templates her followers can use to help shift negative thought patterns, and glimpses into her own self-growth journey. She’s all about being kind to yourself, and an excellent reminder that life is more than perfectly-composed Instagram shots.


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A few months ago I did a post where I opened the floor for everyone to share something they wanted to get off their chest. I think it’s cathartic to release a worry out and stop it weighing heavy on our chests. It’s almost like a metaphorical kick in negativity’s butt. It was so uplifting to watch everyone support each other in the comments and so today I thought I would do it again. I’ll start by sharing mine. This week I’m feeling anxious, I’m struggling with my body and how it makes me feel. I’m annoyed at myself for letting unimportant things rule my mind like my house not being finished or not being as productive as I should be. And I also feel like I’ve not been a good friend to my nearest and dearest. So there we have it, my worries out there and off my chest. Now your turn… say whatever you need to and let’s all help and support each other in the comments. ???????? P.S. jumpsuit is @simplybeuk (**I was gifted this outfit as part of my collaboration as their #simplybeperksambassador Photo by @fordtography

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British blogger Callie Thorpe is the antidote your feed needs if looking at image of influencer after influencer is causing any of your insecurities to rear their ugly heads. She’s an advocate for positivity, and isn’t afraid to use her platform to speak out against hate and prejudice. An added bonus? She’s got great style, and her supremely cute husband often makes appearances on her Story (which is definitely worth a watch).


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We won’t blame you for being partial to an inspiring quote or two, and it’s always a good idea to pepper your feed with a few of them. The beautifully-designed quotes posted by @subliming.jpg are just the right mix of being down-to-earth and confidence-boosting, making them just up our alley.


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Social media and Instagram in particular can feel like a breeding ground for insecurity and envy, with the introduction of Instagram Stories over the past few years making comparison of your wardrobe, relationship, holidays, social life and even you’re weekend brunch all the more easy! And whilst it’s tempting to take other’s posts at face value, looking at someone’s highlight reel is never going to leave you feeling fulfilled or ‘enough’. Gratitude diaries and challenging negative thoughts with positive reactions are one of the simplest ways to overcome these anxieties, allowing you to feel truly grateful and thankful for the things that are in your life, and excited for a future that fulfils the long term goals you might feel envious of others achieving now. Comment below something that you’re grateful for today, and take a moment to be appreciative of all that you do have to start your week off on the right foot ?? @happynotperfect

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Launched just a year ago by blogger Liv Purvis, @theinsecuregirlsclub pulls back the curtain of the polished social media presence of successful women to have honest conversations about mental health, the imposter syndrome, and much, much more. The confidence-boosting Instagram account (and its new website) is a crash course in vulnerability and being proud of who you are – flaws and all. What more can you ask for?


If you don’t have time to head over and read the latest motivation-boosting career stories over on Create & Cultivate, following their Instagram account is your next best bet. Here, they highlight the best bits from the blog and pepper in sage advice from women crushing it in creative fields and at all levels of their career. Plus, their pretty office shots serve as serious inspiration to get your workspace in order.