5 Ways to Quickly Trim and Tone Your Legs

Legs and glutes are a personal favorite to teach and work during class. They’re our largest muscle group in the body and biggest calorie burner. For women, hips and legs can be our hard-to-tone “trouble” spots. MOD incorporates strength training exercises with light weights and heavy repetition to help tone and strengthen your body. As […]

11 Yoga Moves to Improve Digestion

photography by Molly Winters; featured image by Scott Grummett Whether you are feeling the effects of Thanksgiving indulgence (my personal favorite is pumpkin pie with whipped cream!) or perhaps experiencing digestive discomfort from recent travel, sometimes our digestive system just needs a little extra TLC and attention. This sequence is designed to encourage + support healthy […]

8 Yoga Moves for Runners

*photography by Molly Winters Running outdoors has been a love of mine since I was a teenager, and it’s actually through running and my search for more flexibility and peace of mind that I found my way to a consistent yoga practice over 15 years ago. After all this time, I still find running to […]

6 Ways to Use a Foam Roller

I tend to have a love hate relationship with foam rolling. You may hate it when going through the movements but I promise your body will thank you. You can use foam rolling before or after any workout. I tend to use it as a restorative tool to help increase mobility, blood-oxygen levels, and relieve […]

Ditch the Gym With These 5 Outdoor Exercises

Sometimes a little change of scenery will help you find the motivation you need to get through your workout. Next time your head outside for a run or walk, try these 5 moves in a nearby park. All you need is a swing set, bench or picnic table to get a total body workout. *photography by […]

6 Moves for Your Best Butt

One of my favorite things at MOD is that they spend almost 15 minutes of every class focusing just on your glutes. I have a real love/hate relationship with the moves, but in the end, there’s no question that they get you results. To help us on our continued journey towards a better summer bod, the MOD […]

9 Yoga Moves That’ll Improve Your Posture

You guys don’t need me to tell you all about the benefits of yoga; that the practice improves flexibility, balance and strength is common knowledge at this point. But did you know that the exercise can also work wonders for your posture (which some might say, could better your life overall)? It’s amazing what all […]

5 Moves to Get Bikini-Ready Now

From Marnie, owner of MOD Fitness: Summer comes early for us in Texas, so we like to incorporate these fat-blasting moves at MOD Fitness during the spring to increase your heart rate and tone the entire body. Grab your stopwatch and do each of these exercises for one minute, then repeat the set twice for […]

9 Ways to Use a Yoga Block

One of my favorite yoga classes in town is a prop-based class, which means that along with our mat, we come to the studio armed with blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters. Using those props, we’re able to get into deeper versions of the poses we usually flow in and out of quickly, and as it […]

How to Perfect the Push-Up

Marnie, owner of Mod Fitness, says that if you could only do two exercises for the rest of your life, they should be plank holds and push-ups — two moves that work your entire body, and that make an appearance in every single Mod class. Of course, when it comes to push-ups, most of us have […]

8 Yoga Moves That Improve Balance

When we think about setting “yoga goals” for ourselves, they often revolve around achieving certain poses — arm balances, inversions, you know the “fancy” ones. But how many of us strive to totally nail tree pose? Or hold a side plank for 10 breaths? My guess: not many. A lot of the yoga instructors I know would […]

7 Moves to Get Toned with Your Bestie

There are two types of exercisers: the lone wolf, and the groupie. While I totally identify as the former (having friends around while I work out is distracting to me!), I know plenty of people whose fitness routines thrive when they have a familiar face around for encouragement. Sound like you? If so, bookmark these exercises, call […]

3 Moves that Work Your Entire Body

I’ll be honest, I’ve fallen into a bit of a workout slump lately. I’ve been majorly reorganizing my apartment, dealing with a sick dog, tackling the first phase of wedding planning, and hosting out-of-town guests… so fitness has fallen to the very bottom of my priority list (so much for that #bridebod, right?). Well this week I’ve […]

5 Prenatal Moves for Fit Mamas-to-Be

editor’s note: As someone who’s had 2 kids in the last 3 1/2 years, I can say from experience that staying active and toned throughout pregnancy is no easy feat. So I’ve been in awe as I’ve watched Marnie Duncan, owner of my go-to studio Mod Fitness, navigate 9 pregnant months with great posture, lean muscles, and […]

4 Moves to Get in Shape Before Your Ski Trip

Editor’s Note: In mid-January I’ll be going on my first ski trip in years. What do I remember most vividly from my last time on the slopes? The out-of-this-world soreness I felt after Day 1. With that in mind, we begged Marnie to share some ways we can prepare our bodies for the intense quad […]

The 10 Minute Travel Workout

Today, so many people travel regularly for their careers. Travel can totally throw off any semblance of a fitness routine, but it doesn’t have to! Check out these moves that can be done right from the comfort of your hotel room while watching TV – you can even time these to the length of a […]

These 5 Moves Will Get You Ready for Cocktail Dress Season

Just when you thought you’d be spending the next few months blissfully burrowed under layers of turtlenecks and wool coats, surprise! Just like that, cocktail party season arrives and suddenly you’re debating whether or not to flash a little pasty beautifully pale skin in a festive mini. Believe it or not, there’s still time to get cocktail dress ready, […]