Outdoor showers have always been common in beachside homes (no better way to keep sand out of the house), but we’re seeing this trend pop up in land locked locations, too.

Why? Because there’s nothing like rinsing off under the stars, or taking a steamy shower with the scent of real jasmine all around you.

Scroll down for ten pretty outdoor shower design ideas, and don’t worry about the neighbors.

image by sibella court

photo by alicia taylor for homes to love

photo by jean allsopp for birmingham home & garden

photo by maree homer for homes to love

photo by hotel azucar

photo by tim melideo for my domaine

photo by janni deler

photo by brooke holm for share design

photo by outdoor establishments

image by skona hem

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    BeingIsabella May 4, 2018 at 3:32 pm

    Oh boy, I am living for these outdoor showers! Now I really want to have a house by the beach! My favorites would have to be the second image with the tub, and the more tropical looking one with he tree over the shower and the pretty pink flowers. Have a lovely weekend!