The 14 Most Stunning, Plunge-Worthy Pools on Pinterest

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By Jenn Rose Smith
Popsugar Iceberg Sydney

As a self-professed “water baby,” I’ll take pool-hopping over an air-conditioned room any day, temperatures be damned. And since I’d like to enjoy the beauty of a great swimming pool even when I’m not in the vicinity of one, I’ve been working on an ever-growing collection of beautiful pools to spark inspiration and a summer state of mind. Of course, there’s no place like Pinterest when looking for the best pool ideas around, whether it be for inspiration for an upcoming vacation or design ideas when you start itching to dig your own.

It turns out that pool design trends are actually pretty fascinating and fun to follow. We’re talking everything from peanut pools in the 80s to infinity edge pools in the early and mid-aughts to a new favorite rendition: the plunge pool. It’s pretty wild how much the design of a pool can affect the aesthetic and vibe of an entire space. It doesn’t matter how big or small a pool is, if there’s one in a yard, the eye goes to it immediately.

Luckily, the internet is wide and vast, and it contains all manner of pool inspiration. So whether you’re into small, modern pools or large pond-like ones that can transform a yard into an oasis, Pinterest has you covered. Bookmark your favorites when you need a little inspiration for your next pool-centered getaway or start compiling images that speak to you and make your own pool dreams come true!

Read on for the 14 best pool ideas from around the world:

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Photo via Guia de Jardin

I am digging the retreat-style vibes at this gorgeous pool. The lines are clean and simple, but the view cannot be beaten.

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Photo via Hatch Collection

If it’s a tropical vibe you’re craving then look no further than this absolutely stunning pool. I love that the shallow lounge area is partly hidden, it feels like a secret getaway within an already magical setting.

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Photo via Cote Maison

Make like the Fitzgeralds and bask in the beauty of this beachside pool at Cap d’Antibes. Talk about major life goals! The pool water basically matches the sea, glimmering in all its glory.

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Photo via I Escape

The tile and foliage are what make this otherwise simple pool really shine.

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Photo via Venue Report

Hello, paradise! Whatever I need to do to be transported to this gorgeous scene, I’ll do it! The infinity pool, the serene views, a gorgeous abode—I’ll take it all.

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Photo via Mamamia

How chic is this pool?  It almost looks reminiscent of ancient bathhouses, but so much better!

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Photo via @evaninja

Sydney’s Bondi Beach Iceberg Pools are serious life goals. Can you even imagine?

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Photo via Etsy

I love the unexpected curvature of the pool that links the two cabanas, it’s an excellent way to maximize a small space.

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Photo via Essential Italy

If being in the Italian countryside wasn’t good enough, there’s the addition of this gorgeous pool as well.

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Photo via CN Traveler

There’s a lot going on in this pool without it feeling wacky or overly modern. It makes great use of the shape of the yard and the shower-style fountain is so cool.

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Photo via Bali Travel for Women

Multiple levels of pool? Yes, please!

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Photo via Home Adore

It looks like finding an Italian villa with a pool is next on my travel list, because this is next-level stunning.

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Photo via Hearst Castle

If you haven’t seen the pools at Hearst Castle, then make a note for your next vacation. They are modeled after ancient Greek baths and are even more impressive in person.

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Photo via Apartment Therapy

I love the idea of taking a wee dip in a small plunge pool. Small doesn’t necessarily mean less chic or refreshing, and this adorable pool is proof positive.