Do you get the feeling that just about everyone is out of office right now? My Instagram feed is awash in shades of turquoise blue water right now, so I’m definitely feeling the need for a dose of summer, even if it’s in the comfort of my home. It doesn’t have to be a total overhaul, you could focus on one corner like this photo here. I for one realized that the books and objects on my floating bookshelves have been the exactly the same since I put them up a year ago – so that’s where I’ll be starting. Pick a spot in your home that could use a quick makeover and keep reading for my favorite summer finds.

Rattan – There are so many amazing rattan pieces in vintage shops it’s hard not to want them all. From headboards to peacock chairs to barstools, rattan can give a bohemian touch to a room.

Bolivian blanket – This has to be one of the most versatile things you can buy for your home. Use it as a blanket, a rug, a picnic blanket, throw it over the foot of your bed, or use it for yoga. It’s not just a summer piece, you’ll be using this all year round.

Planter shelves – I have dreams of having a living plant wall one day, but until I reach that level of gardening prowess, a wall display of planters will have to do. You can display anything you like on these shelves, making them an easy way to decorate for the season.

Beach print – You could print out some favorite beach snaps of your own, or go with some artistic beach photography like this by Gray Malin. These scenes are especially helpful when you live in a land-locked city like Austin.

Chair cover – Using a slip-on cover for your chairs or sofa is an easy way give your furniture a whole new look without investing in any big ticket items.

Skateboard – I can’t help but think of California beach culture when I picture summer. In my opinion skateboards and surfboards make excellent wall decor, even if you never manage to stand on one.

Record – The number one, fastest (and cheapest!) way to make it feel like summer at home is to have a solid summer playlist or a few go-to records. Nothing fills me with nostalgia quite like good old summer hit can, and it’s guaranteed to change the mood at home in no time.

Photo source Blackband Design photography by Tessa Neustadt, chandelier Zinc Door, throw Leif, walnut planter shelves Offcut Studio, St. Tropez Beach print Gray Malin, chair slip cover French Connection, record Sugar Candy Mountain, skateboard Luke Chiswell

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