8 Spooky Pieces that Look Great All Year

By Cristina Cleveland

8 Spooky Pieces that Look Great All Year

If I had the storage, I’d be swapping out my decor with every season and holiday. But even if you’re tight on space (or budget), you can still embrace the year’s most supernatural holiday – you just have to get a little creative. As tempting as it can be to deck the house out in skulls and pumpkins, try taking a look around at what you already have, you may find that you already have plenty to work with! I find it easiest to focus on one small vignette, for example your mantel, your entryway or your dining room table. Then pull together a few items like tapered candlesticks, dark ceramics, an old black and white photo, an antique mirror, or any antique for that matter. Apart, these pieces blend seamlessly into our homes, but when grouped together they can take on a far more dramatic tone. Have fun shopping your own home, you may be surprised by what you can breathe new life into.

8 Spooky Pieces that Look Great All Year

Chandelier – Allow your mind wander and this chandelier may start to  resemble a spindly spider, a cobweb, or even a ghost.

Chair – Its silhouette may be inspired by the iconic wingback chair of the 1600s, but its steel construction gives this chair a very industrial and even modern look.

Bookcase – This off kilter bookcase is the perfect setting to curate your own cabinet of curiosities.

Cloud photo – Slightly ominous, but completely captivating, this work by Trevor Mein can set a moody tone for any room.

Antiqued mirror – The antiqued finish and round shape give this mirror the appearance of a haunting full moon.

Narwhal tusks – Once believed to be unicorn horns that possessed magical powers, narwhal tusks were the ultimate accessory for any cabinet of curiosities.

Hand wall lamp – This handcarved wall sconce is giving me Thing from the Addams Family.

Club chair – Rich, tufted velvet feels most apropos during this season, but looks fabulous all year long.

*Inspiration photo by Michael Wiltbank via Domino